Your Angel Number For Today Is...


What does it mean?

The Angel Number 1155 showing up repeatedly around you tells you that you alone are in charge of your life, so do what you feel is best for you at all times. Positive thinking is key to making good decisions in life because it will benefit you and those around you. You are protected and loved dearly by your Angels, therefore, you should enjoy life at its fullest and be optimistic!


Angel Number 1155 means that you are so blessed. Your life is full of positives, and you should appreciate them. Share your blessings with those around you. Be thankful for what you have. 

Your good fortune will be multiplied if you share it with others, so be sure to count your blessings every day. In addition, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to since you are being guided by your Guardian Angels to reach your highest potential.

What do I need to know?

According to Angel Number 1155, you must follow your own intuition and heart in pursuit of new opportunities and energy. It could be that other people have thwarted your efforts to make your own decisions and to follow your own path. If this is the case, then it’s now time for you to make a stand. 

You should base your choices and decisions on your own thinking and reflections, not on the opinions of others. In order to achieve a greater purpose in life, you must follow your heart and adapt to the newly changing direction of your life. Only by doing this will you achieve everything you need and deserve to.

What should I do?

Your Angel Number 1155 appears to you for a reason. You keep seeing it everywhere you go, and that’s certainly no accident because this number is being sent to you by your Guardian Angels. You need to listen to their message, and live by it as well. 

Angel Number 1155 urges you not to compare your life to other people’s. Be true to yourself. Living a life in which you are happy and fulfilled is the best way to live well. 

Instead of focusing on what you lack, think about all the blessings you have received from the Divine realm. Even in times of hardship, try to be grateful for all your blessings.

How do I hear what the angels wish me to know?

There are various ways that the Angels will communicate with you. For example, while you are meditating or just before you fall asleep, you may see mental visions if you are a visual person. Your Angel may appear to you as swirling colours, little light sparkles or as a clear image. 


As you go about your daily routine, you may see visual phenomena in your surroundings as well. If you watch closely, you might notice fast flashes of light or catch a glimpse of what appears to be an Angel, but it disappears when you turn your gaze directly toward it. 

If you notice anything at all that you feel is communication from the Angels then open your heart, soul and mind to understanding their messages. You’ll soon understand what they wish you to know.