May 21 - Jun 20


It is going a tough and bumpy ride for you but every pain is worth something great. The experiences you will gain today are going to aid you in unlocking new levels. If the cosmos have seized something from you today make a note that tomorrow you are going to get double of that and today it was taken because simply it was not good enough for you. However, the arrival of an old lover is indicated and that might cheer you up.


All the financial issues that were plaguing your mind will come to an end as the sun will go down today. Possibilities for new ventures and associations are going to open up. A few learned individuals are going to speed up your work and will yield profits for you. But before including anyone in your projects be a hundred percent sure of their motives and intentions. Keep your guards high and your sense double active. You might face difficulty in trusting people.

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Call up your friends and family because it is time to clear up your schedule. Put on your fancy outfits and make reservations. The stars" are not really acting in your favor today but still, the cosmos are giving you chance to make some happy memories. Have a positive approach towards things and find happiness in small ways. It will help you in achieving deep satisfaction and you will be content.


Someone has accurately said, few relationships never die. With some strong aspects happening in and around the area of your chart the things, the relations of your past are going to affect your present. Avoid getting into heated conversations. Do not expose your vulnerable emotional spots today. Communication can sort out many things try to communicate and let bygones be bygones.


You have always enjoyed a good and lavish lifestyle. But do not forget that a good lifestyle is supported by sound health and both of them are intertwined very closely. You are working hard to maintain your finances which will provide you with a good living standard and completely ignoring the health factor. Start off with a healthy diet and a few light exercises and eventually you will find your interest building up in this zone, suggests your stars.

Angelosis luck Luck

Lucky color- Grey, pink, and off white

Lucky number- 4 and 7

Lucky alphabet you will sync with – Y and E

Cosmic tip- “Everyone is in the middle so some unresolved chaos, you not the only one fighting out your battles.”

Tips for Singles- Happy vibe attracts happy people. Be in your element and stay happy.

Tips for Couples- Every time you make a gesture do not expect something in return. Sometimes it is very satisfying to do things for your better halves.


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