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Archangel 's Message For You Today:

What is the difference between spirituality and morality? Morals absolutely influence your spiritual life but spirit does not judge. Having strict morals can lead one to have a sense of righteousness. Their heart is in the right place, but their mind focuses on their superiority rather than inherent equality with others. You may have an experience today where someone’s morality is imposed upon you. Do not doubt your own reasoning. Continue to follow your spirit’s path.

Your Angel Number For Today:

7 Today’s angelic number is about isolation needed for personal growth. At times you must go your own way to reach the next level of your spiritual journey. While this may feel lonely, the wisdom you gain will be immense. You have the fortitude to go it alone today.

Action Steps:

Notice if you are living in accordance with your own spiritual guidance or the expectations of others. Examine what outside influences may be impacting your viewpoint. Try to free yourself from external influence and find your inner voice.

Affirmation Of The Day:

My spirit has morals but does not judge, I know there is no one that I stand above.

Love & Blessings

angel oasis team