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Archangel 's Message For You Today:

I ask you to fear not. As you move through your life, remember that I never leave your side. Not everything will go smoothly, not everything will turn out as you had hoped – but always remember that I am with you all day, every day. Just call on me and there I am.You can feel my love always.

Your Angel Number For Today:

4 Your inner strength gains support today from the angelic vibration of the number 4. Use this inner strength to have the faith to be led by your guardian angel. Surrender your thoughts on how you think things should be and accept the guidance you receive. This is how you create a life in alignment with your spiritual purpose.

Action Steps:

As you go through the day be aware of what fearful thoughts enter your mind, what fear-based words come out of your mouth. With this growing awareness make a conscious choice to exchange fear-based thoughts with those of positivity. Ask your ever-patient guardian angel for help in this process.

Affirmation Of The Day:

I overcome my fear to live in spiritual alignment, this is what brings me fulfillment as I shine forth.

Love & Blessings

angel oasis team