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Archangel 's Message For You Today:

“When you are amazed by the grace of God, your spirit is truly lifted. You may feel there is a limit on the miracles possible in your life. I am here to remind you that there is no limit to the blessings you can receive. Each time you are filled with wonder, it is a reminder of the divine’s on-going conversation with you. Your amazement is your testament to faith.”

Your Angel Number For Today:

8 – Today’s angelic number encourages you to feel the creative power of the world. Miracles are always happening and you can heighten your experience of them by opening yourself to God’s grace. Believe and you will receive. Your childlike wonder is just as important to your spiritual journey as is your devout commitments. Feel the joy in the blessings that surround you.

Action Steps:

Notice the subtle way the wind blows and stirs the earth; how delicately the skyland hugs the land; the soft feeling of sunlight on your face. Feel a sense of awe for the way you are supported by the environment.

Affirmation Of The Day:

Wonder and miracles are all around me, they are manifestations of God’s grace that I can see.

Love & Blessings

angel oasis team