Your Angel Number For Today Is...


What does it mean?

Angel number 8855 means that your present situation, relationships, job, and professional prospects are being evaluated. Some things coming to an end or being closed down may lead to new avenues and possibilities for soul growth. 

When you maintain balance and focus, you will discover that these closures and ensuing adjustments are in your best interests.

If you’ve been starting to feel innately that something in your life might be about to finish, Angel Number 8855 confirms your intuition. Your Angels also advise you to accept all goodbyes gracefully.

Yes, things are going to change, but you’ll soon be enjoying the brighter days ahead!

What do I need to know?

If you’ve been thinking about starting or developing a spiritual project, now would be the best period to get started! 

Consider what you really want, what you require, and how you wish things to proceed and then work toward achieving your objectives.

Believe that you will have what you need to thrive as you advance on your journey. Most essentially, have faith in yourself and your mentors. 

You have plenty of optimism and ability inside you. You can build the life you’ve long desired!

What should I do?

Angel Number 8855 is a message from your Angels urging you to express your unique spirit in all parts of your life as you integrate compassion into every aspect of your existence. 

You must live in accordance with the principles of respect, empathy, honesty, and collaboration.

Aligning with your heart and spirit can help you to find your genuine identity and soul mission. You must employ the great energy inside you to enhance your life and the lives of other people. 

Follow through on your discoveries and concepts, and pay attention to your innermost longings. Furthermore, you may be confident that you will be able to strike a healthy balance between your spiritual, familial, and material worlds.


How do I hear what the angels wish me to know?

 Angels are frequently connected with rainbows. If you unexpectedly see a rainbow near your house or while you’re out and about, this number 8855 might indicate the presence of Angels who would like you to understand how much you are appreciated.

Rainbows might act as a useful reminder if you are feeling lonely. They can also indicate a period of stronger personal relationships and/or better fortune. 

A rainbow might also try to bring your awareness towards something, such as a location that you should explore or revisit. So, keep an eye out for bright colours, brilliant rainbows, and rainbow symbols to learn what your Angels want to share with you!