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Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil

Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil, And Can Be Called Upon For Guidance In Certain Situations 

Archangels, which in Greek means “Chief Angels”, are at top of the angelic hierarchy in terms of the power they possess. These are created by God, and they fulfill many purposes in our lives.  Catholic Church recognizes the existence of three Archangels viz. Michael (who is like God?), Gabriel – God’s Power, and Raphael – …

Angel Number 57

Understand The Meaning And Spiritual Significance Of Angel Number 57

Angel Numbers are numerical patterns or sequences. They’re thought to be encrypted communications from your Angel. And if you follow the signs and symbols that your Guardian Angel sends to you through an Angel Number, you’ll maximize the value of your life.  But you have to keep an eye on the Angel Numbers as there …

Number 11

Meaning And Spiritual Significance Of Angel Number 11

Angel Number 11 pattern ,have you ever seen patterns and recurrent sequences and thought, What are they? You might be amused to know that these aren’t coincidences. In fact, these patterns are actually signs that your Angels use to communicate with you. And Angel Numbers stand among the most frequent signs that your Angel uses to communicate …

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels And Dreams: Recognising The Spiritual Connection

Contacting your Guardian Angel is every believer’s wish. Prayers and meditation are two integral ways of helping you establish a firm connection with your Guardian Angel. However, having your Angel in your dream is significant. Many believers say that praying to your Angel before going to bed will be essential if you want the angelic …


A Proven Way of Gaining Spiritual Strength and Financial Riches

Spiritual Strength ,Here’s one question that comes to everyone’s mind—can success bring spiritual fulfilment? Let’s answer this by analysing oneness, which is the most important element of enlightenment. Keeping the principle of oneness in mind, success and spiritual fulfilments are one and the same thing; there’s absolutely no duality. Everything will be one even if …