3 Crystals That Will Transform Your Home Into An Immune Powerhouse

  26 June, 2021

The pandemic has torn the world into two halves — the first half includes people who have immunity, and the second half comprises those who do not have strong immunity. Of course, everyone wants to strengthen their immunity so that their body can fight the novel coronavirus infection.

When it comes to building strong immunity, you may think of fruits and veggies that are replete with vitamin C. No doubt, including immunity-boosting superfoods in your diet is essential. But it is just half the story. If you really want to protect yourself against the COVID-19 infection, then you will have to also fortify the place where you live.

healing stone

But how can you improve the immunity of the land where you dwell? This post carries the answer to this question. Here, we will dive deep into three crystals that will help you turn your home into an immune powerhouse against the novel coronavirus infection.

You Must Know About These Stones

Blood Stone

This healing stone helps stimulate your body’s immune system and strengthen its protection against infections, flu and inflammations. This stone also helps you reenergise your body after you have suffered from physical exhaustion, injury or illness. The stone helps you cleanse your environment from any negative energy. Besides helping you strengthen your body’s immune system, this healing crystal will maximise your ability to think creatively and develop empathy. It is ideal for wearing this stone in the form of a pendant.

Pink Smithsonite

Do you need help in boosting your body’s immunity? If so, pink smithsonite will be an ideal option. The person who is working with this stone must place it at the chest or throat. This stone is also believed to revitalise the thymus gland — the organ that is related to a body’s immune system. Moreover, the stone is linked to curing different problems, including infertility. To see the effects of this stone on your space’s environment, you can place it near your bed’s corners.


If you are looking for a stone that has deep healing capabilities, then amethyst will be an ideal option for you. This is a protective stone that will help block negative energies in your environment. That is how this stone helps boost your immune system and cleanse each of your body organs. Being an exceptional blood cleanser, this healing crystal enables you to alleviate your emotional, physical and psychological pain as well. Besides, this healing stone will also help you relieve insomnia and ease headaches. You can place amethyst at a bedside table.

Here Is One More Way To Boost The Healing Power Of Stones

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