Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil, And Can Be Called Upon For Guidance In Certain Situations 

  4 November, 2022

Archangels, which in Greek means “Chief Angels”, are at top of the angelic hierarchy in terms of the power they possess. These are created by God, and they fulfill many purposes in our lives. 

Catholic Church recognizes the existence of three Archangels viz. Michael (who is like God?), Gabriel – God’s Power, and Raphael – God’s Doctor. Michael is the warrior who fights against Satan and his emissaries; Gabriel is one of the spirits closest to God, while Raphael stands before the throne of God, whose mission is to bring healing. In addition to the contemplation of God, archangels communicate God’s Will to us in various ways.

chief angels

St. Michael, the protector of the Church, is believed to be the angel who delivered God’s divine inspiration to St. John in the Book of Revelation. Archangel Gabriel delivered the greatest message ever that God meant to Incarnate, and helps Daniel in his mission on earth. Archangel Raphael, mentioned in the Book of Tobit, guides Tobias along the way and instructs him on what to do.

Archangels are close to humans 

There are many more angels in the ancient texts viz. Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raquel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Metatron, and more. Archangels are incorporeal beings who are spiritual and perfect and contemplate the face of God. They are spirits that exist for Him and in Him but are close to humans. 

They live in the contemplation of God and act as His messengers. Archangels are the second lowest rank of angels, who are divided into what is called “nine choirs”, based on the nine names of ranks found in the Sacred Scripture.

Angels are pure spirits 

Unlike us, angels are pure spirits and do not have any material possessions. Though they may appear like humans on occasion but it is only a façade. As they do not have any material bodies, Archangels can move within our world without taking up space. 

They move instantaneously from one place to another without having to move through space or time. Even though Archangels do not have any material bodies, they can influence and impact our material world. They do not have wings, bodies or swords; these are just artistic representations of their roles and actions in our world.

Created by God from the immortal spirits 

Archangels and angles do not depend on our belief in them; they were created by God from the immortal spirits and will never cease to exist for all eternity. Sometimes they let us know that they are there but most of the time they remain busy protecting us from harm. 

Children trust them completely and will pray to them without hesitation. Unless you believe like children and have child-like simplicity in the heart to renew your belief in these celestial creatures, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Aligning you with your path of purpose 

A spiritual war rages all around us, Archangels protect us from spiritual harm and evil. You can call an archangel for guidance in some situations; they come for help and make no judgments as you request help. Your relationships with family and others can be joyous but complicated also. 

You can call Archangel Chameul or Raguel to guide you to a harmonious relationship. If you feel like people around you seem to absorb your life force, Archangel Michael can be called upon through prayers to clear negative energies from within and around you. 

If you need that extra push in the right direction or some motivation to believe in yourself, Archangel Metatron can be called upon to help you to align with your path of purpose.