Three Facts About Archangel Jophiel That You Should Know

  7 May, 2021

Archangel Jophiel has many names such as Angel of Wisdom and Illumination and the Beauty of God. As far as her work is concerned, Archangel Jophiel helps beautify all the aspects of life. Not just that, Jophiel even helps people develop and sustain a positive approach in life.


This Archangel Jophiel improves people mentally and physically. Jophiel also stores an incredible amount of feminine energy too. Maybe that’s why she’s always referred to as ‘her’ and ‘she’. And we’ve just started scratching the surface over here.

Yes, there’s more to this Archangel. She also enables people to develop creativity so that they can develop new things. Besides building creativity, she also enhances the capacity to develop thoughts, self-care, feelings, etc.

Do you want to know more about this Archangel?

Well, then, read on.

Three interesting facts about Jophiel

Fact #1: Jophiel Will Help Dispel Negativity

This Archangel’s energy replaces negativity with positivity. Jophiel inculcates the habit of positive thinking in her followers. The Archangel also brings stimulation, vitality, and the power to unlock the inherent positivity.

Fact #2: This Archangel Will Help You Stay Happy

Now, you know Archangel Jophiel will help you remain happy for long. Since you remain positive, you’ll also be happy for a longer duration. This Archangel will help you sustain happiness, which is very important to enjoy life and cherish positivity.

Fact #3: She Will Make You Build And Strengthen Your Wisdom

Like every Archangel, Jophiel plays a practical role in a person’s life. We’ve already mentioned that Jophiel is the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination. That means her blessing gives people the wisdom to understand information and process it clearly.

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