3 Powerful Crystals To Unlock The Highest Level Of Self-Care

  18 June, 2021

Your good health is the result of balancing your soul, body and mind. Eastern medicinal science, which is primarily found in China and India, use crystals for boosting the body’s healing process since time immemorial. In Ayurvedic science, it is believed that disease begins whenever your life is out of sync with the environment. Even Western medicinal science believes that stress can manifest in the form of grave illness.

Healing Crystals

Sometimes, you may experience life-threatening health complications. Sadly, these complications may not be in your control. The fact is, you will only get one chance to honour and love your body. Regardless of your existing routine, you should leave no stone unturned to improve your lifestyle. That is because an improved lifestyle will help you lead a healthful life.

And there is good news. There is a concrete way to prevent poor health. That way includes you to develop balanced energies and engage in repetitive actions that bring peace to the body and mind. So, you can strike a perfect balance between your body and the outside environment by using crystal energy.

No matter whether you suffer from common flu or more complex body issues like obesity, healing stones will help you achieve optimal health. Besides, working with crystals will help you alleviate most of the painful symptoms while achieving total healing. In this explainer, we will dive deep into three healing stones that will help you manifest optimal health. Ready? Let us get down to the details then.

Healing Crystals That Help Manifest Healthiness


Being an exceptional tool for unlocking vital energy, serpentine will help you connect with Mother Nature at the deepest levels. Working with this healing crystal will help you establish bonds with not only nature but also insects and animals. That is why meditating with this healing stone will help you decode your place in the wide, wild world.

Green Jade

Many people believe that this healing crystal is the stone for dreams and health. This stone links the spiritual world with the physical one. Not just that, green jade even helps restore your body’s healthiness and manifest goodness in your life. Besides being a health crystal, green jade also symbolises fresh opportunities and new beginnings. The stone even brings harmony and self-acceptance in any relationship.


Being regarded as a healing crystal for unlocking feminine energy, a moonstone is chiefly related to hormonal balance and fertility. Moreover, this healing stone even helps support the growth of teens and children. On the other hand, moonstone may even be used for slowing the elderly’s ageing process. Historically, moonstone was used by women for manifesting feminine-goddess energy during menstruation and childbirth. Last but not least, this healing crystal helps balance body hormones as well.

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