9 Crystals That Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

  13 September, 2021

If you’re preggers, then you must take good care of yourself. And the first step towards self-caring comes with working with the right healing stones, crystals, or gems. Some hand-picked healing stones will help you achieve healthful pregnancy and exceptionally smooth delivery. But here’s the problem: There are too many gems and healing stones out there. Because of this reason, it may get confusing for you to pick the right stones that’ll help promote happy pregnancy. If you’re looking for the best healing crystals for pregnant ladies, then we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll give you the name of the top nine crystals that you should start working with.

healing crystals

Crystal #1: Black Onyx

This healing crystal may help mothers-to-be get the strength and stamina to make sure they give birth to the child or children quickly. In many cultures, midwives give mothers in labour a bag full of black onyx stones. Why? Well, it’s believed that this healing crystal makes the delivery less strenuous.

Crystal #2: Aquamarine

Some spiritual healers firmly believe that this healing crystal will help with pain, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Not just that, aquamarine also helps avoid miscarriages.

Crystal #3: Moss Agate

Many people call this healing stone a birthing crystal. Midwives use Moss agate to help lessen the intensity of the pain that a pregnant lady experiences.

Crystal #4: Amethyst

Believers state that this healing stone will help offer purification and stability while relieving emotional pain and physical tension.

Crystal #5: Garnet

Many ladies use this specific healing stone to bring down the chances of miscarriages.

Crystal #6: Malachite

This stone is also known as the midwife’s stone. Why? It’s because malachite helps ease the labour pains and raise the chances of having safe childbirth.

Crystal #7: Moonstone

When a lady works with this crystal, she’ll strengthen her reproductive system. Besides, moonstone even helps improve a lady’s fertility while promoting the chances of having safe childbirth.

Crystal #8: Lapis Lazuli

When a lady is pregnant, she faces severe stress. When a pregnant woman works with this healing stone, she’ll improve the chances of having a smooth delivery.

Crystal #9: Chrysocolla

This healing crystal comes with soothing energy, which helps pregnant ladies alleviate labour pains as well.

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