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Archangel Michael

Here’s An Angelic Way Of Turning Relationship Woes Into Wonders

Angel,Relationships are important for your growth as a person. They help define you and make you feel wanted. But sometimes these relationships don’t turn out the way we expect them to. Why? Well, unfulfilled expectations turn relationships sour. Let’s face it. Everyone dreams of having a happy and healthy married life. That’s the bare minimum, …

Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil

Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil, And Can Be Called Upon For Guidance In Certain Situations 

Archangels, which in Greek means “Chief Angels”, are at top of the angelic hierarchy in terms of the power they possess. These are created by God, and they fulfill many purposes in our lives.  Catholic Church recognizes the existence of three Archangels viz. Michael (who is like God?), Gabriel – God’s Power, and Raphael – …