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Guardian Angel

3 Divine Signs Showing That Someone’s Your Guardian Angel

Guardian angel ,You may have different varieties of people surrounding you—good, bad, and in-betweens. Some people will make you feel amazing while others will make you feel worthless. Eventually, you’ll have to decide the people who promote your well-being, and then you have to keep them in your life.Among these groups of people, you’ll find …

Angel Number 49

Know The Importance And Significance Of Angel Number 49 In Your Life

Angel Numbers, such as 49, are common ways your Guardian Angel communicates with you. When you see an Angel Number often, the divine world is attempting to attract your attention and hope that you will realize its significance.  Angel Number 49 Angel Number 49 is guiding you through the toughest times of your life. Your …

Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil

Archangels Keep Protecting Us From Spiritual Harm And Evil, And Can Be Called Upon For Guidance In Certain Situations 

Archangels, which in Greek means “Chief Angels”, are at top of the angelic hierarchy in terms of the power they possess. These are created by God, and they fulfill many purposes in our lives.  Catholic Church recognizes the existence of three Archangels viz. Michael (who is like God?), Gabriel – God’s Power, and Raphael – …

Angel Number 100

Understand How Angel Number 100 Helps You To Get Rid Of Your Negativity

Using numbers is one of the easiest ways that Angels communicate with humanity. In other words, Angel Numbers convey the will of God to you. However, it takes a lot of patience to decipher a sequence like the one presented by Angel Number 100. Thankfully, each number reveals a detailed meaning of your current situation. …