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A Guide To Understanding The Motives Of Archangels In Your Life

The term “Archangel” originates from the word “arch”, which means a chief messenger. The Archangels are direct channels to God or whichever Supreme Being you follow. One definition of Archangel is that he is a manifestation of God. Being close to spiritual choices, paths, and ideas gives Archangels incredible power, insight, and wisdom. Because of …


Your Handy Guide To Understanding Key Archangels And Their Roles

Archangels as perfect, spiritual, celestial entities. Their mission has always been to be servants and messengers. They always pray to God. These Archangels are spirits who exist in and for the Lord. Along with it, there is a hierarchical order of Angels. Three Archangels are indeed at the top. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are their …