Abundance Affirmations: Transforming Your Reality And Mindset

  24 June, 2021

Think about the goal you’d set for yourself last time. Did you achieve that goal by powering through overwhelm, doubt and fear? Or did your self-doubt and feelings of overwhelm stopped you from achieving it? If uncertainty got the better of you, then you are suffering from a scarcity mindset. Your scarcity mindset gives rise to the thoughts of self-doubt. This mindset only gives rise to the disbelief in your abilities that may lead you to believe that there will always be shortages. Eventually, this mindset leads to feelings of anxiety, stress and fear dominate your heart.

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When you suffer from a scarcity mindset, you limit your thoughts, words and actions. That is why this mindset prevents you from unlocking your highest potential and achieving glory. To cut a long story short, this mindset will destroy your confidence and will pull you deeper into the quagmire of debt. How can you get rid of the scarcity mindset? What happens when you replace the scarcity mindset with an abundant mindset? The answer to this question lies in building a mindset that will help you think abundantly about your life, work and other things.

But how can you train your mind to practise positive affirmations, which will help you build an abundant mindset? This is where this guide will help. Here, we will tell you about 20 abundance affirmations that will help you build a robust abundant mindset and transform your life.

Top 20 Abundance Affirmations Revealed

  1. I am absolutely worthy of achieving whatever I desire.
  2. I express my gratitude to the divine powers because I have everything required to be successful.
  3. I am so grateful for all the positivity and goodness in my life.
  4. I am willing to unleash my full potential to unlock new growth opportunities.
  5. I have the focus to achieve anything in life.
  6. I know that my capabilities and talent will help me achieve new heights in life.
  7. I completely believe in my full potential.
  8. I am all set to share my gifts — wisdom, knowledge, compassion and courage — with the whole world.
  9. I am an extension of the universe’s wisdom.
  10. My motivation knows no bounds.
  11. I embrace the power and mysticism of the universe and my life.
  12. My faith overpowers my fear.
  13. My life attracts the power of miracles in life.
  14. I am open to uncovering new opportunities.
  15. I do not forget my life’s higher purpose each day.
  16. I am ready to drive any positive change in my life.
  17. I am attracting new abundance in life every day.
  18. I am ready to write my great story of success and happiness to inspire everyone else.
  19. My capability enables me to achieve any sort of greatness in life.
  20. I channelise my energy with the abundance of the universe.

One Other Way Of Manifesting An Abundant Mindset

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