Your Angel Number For Today Is...


What does it mean?

3 is the number used to represent the Trinity, the mind, body, and spirit. The threefold nature of Divinity is reflected in the number 3. It symbolises the principle of growth and denotes that there is a synthesis occurring – that imagination and energy are at play.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually, it represents growth, expansion, abundance, and expansion. 

Your Guide is trying to get your attention with Angel Number 3. Their aim, as well as that of the Ascended Masters, is for you to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom so that you can make appropriate decisions at this time.

Make the most of your creative abilities and skills to manifest your desires and improve your life and the lives of others. With optimism and enthusiasm, follow your life path and soul mission!

What do I need to know?

When Angel Number 3 appears, it suggests that the Universal Energies have heard and are responding to your prayers. You will be able to manifest your dreams and goals at the right time. Have faith in your abilities and trust your Guide’s love and support. 

Your Angel encourages you to take part in social gatherings, be communicative, and live a joyous life full of hope, spontaneity and optimism. There is a lot of significance to the number 3. And, you should not be alarmed by seeing this number repeating, as it is a positive sign!

What should I do?

You are being told by your Angels that a time of abundance is coming. When your number is 3, it indicates you will soon have much cause to celebrate. This number indicates that excellent news is on the way. Fortunately, it won’t take long for it to arrive!

You are being urged to put your heart and soul into your work over the coming weeks. It is important to enjoy every moment of your life and love will make this possible. Additionally, being kind to others around you will make you incredibly happy. Therefore, don’t be shy. Giving is the key to happiness. Be affectionate and you’ll be loved!

How do I hear what the angels wish me to know?

Light flashes and shimmering waves of light are often Angelic symbols. Most of the time they are white or colored, and you will be able to spot them from the corner of your eye rather than in the middle of your vision.

It is believed that the colour of the light you see may indicate what the Angel or Angels are trying to communicate. For example, orange is associated with optimism, green with power, while blue and purple can be signs that you need to relax. So, look out for the signs you are being sent while being ready to embrace them!