Understanding The Different Colours Of Archangels

  7 April, 2022

Archangels work on the missions that the Lord gives them. This way, this family of Angels demonstrates its love for God. Not only that, but Archangels also inspire others to express their love for God through service. The vibrational frequencies of the light waves that are colored blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple attract Archangels with similar energy.


Moreover, these colors are symbolic and help you to focus on prayers. An Archangel’s color metaphysical system helps you convey the kind of assistance you want from God and His Archangels. These colors categorize Archangels based on the missions assigned to them by God. Remember that every divine mission of the Archangel will help guide you towards leading a happier life.

So, keep reading this blog to unpack the meanings of two prominent colors part of an Archangel’s color metaphysical system.


A bright yellow color seems like a brilliant gold light. This color carries the energies you may associate with a yellow diamond or golden-yellow imperial topaz. Believers often view yellow rays with knowledge and understanding. This colour also reminds you to see everything in your life in a positive light. 

Besides, this colour is the wisdom of God. So, when it comes to meditation, yellow represents the head chakra. Not only that, but this color also conjures images of joyful thoughts, depth of insight, and a wealth of joy. 

Archangel Jophiel is the personification of yellow color. That is why this colour may also symbolize knowledge and upliftment.

So, you may notice this Archangel color if you pray to Archangel Jophiel or if he visits you. That is precisely why you will win over gloomy thoughts whenever you see a yellow ray. And seeing a yellow-colored ray also indicates that Archangel Jophiel is near you and is ready to help you.


Red frequently associates rage or danger. But that is not the only emotion that you should associate with this color. Besides, this color also signifies tranquillity and inner power in the spiritual realm. As a result, you may see that red is God’s peace. 

However, some Archangels emit a ray that’s deep crimson, maroon, or mauve in color. You may even call it purple at times. But here’s the thing to remember. Concentrate on your third chakra, which is located at your solar plexus, whenever you’re meditating about this heavenly colour.

Also, some believers associate the red colour with Archangel Uriel. Moreover, Uriel is also the pillar of solitary strength. So, whenever you’re praying to this Archangel and see red colour, it means you have to stand alone and showcase your inner strength.

Concluding It Up

Understanding these gorgeous Archangel colours is essential for interacting with your spiritual guardians. You may be aware that your Guardian Angels and Archangels are always on your side whenever you need them.

However, when you sense the divine energy of the Archangels via these light rays, you may know they are very close and watching over you. So, observe your surroundings and see which colors you see the most whenever you’re meditating with an Archangel. 

So, now’s your turn to tell us which color do you frequently see whenever you’re praying to your Archangel? You may see a colorful vision, which may make you feel happy or confident. We want to know about it, too. Come on! Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you want to ask anything about angelic colors, ask us.

And not just angelic colors, you may ask anything you like. We’ll be more than happy to help you advance your spiritual powers! And, yeah, one more important thing that we’d like to share with you. Keep praying and mediating, partner!