Can Your Deceased Loved One Become Your Guardian Angel?

  8 November, 2021

As a believer in the holy power of God, you will have many questions coming to mind. The first question will be, Whether my deceased loved one will become my Guardian Angel? So, here is the million-dollar question: Can your departed loved one become your Guardian Angel as well? Here is the short answer: No.

Here is an old saying: Your deceased loved ones cannot be Angels, and Angels cannot be people. Why? Well, it is because of this firm rule: The Lord created Angels at the time he built the Earth. That is why your Guardian Angel cannot be your departed friend or family member.

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Do you want more clarity in this regard, anyway? If so, this explainer will be your go-to source. Here, we will understand why Angels are not your deceased relatives. Let us get started.

Angels Are Not People

Most people believe that their deceased relatives and friends become Guardian Angels. They assume that someone who is close to them dies and becomes an Angel. People also falsely believe that their departed family members and friends go to heaven and watch over them. This is indeed a lovely thought, but it is not true all the same. Why? It is because Scripture supports this school of thought.

Angels make a different order which is not close to the one comprising human beings. According to Hebrews 12:22-23, whenever you reach heavenly Jerusalem, “thousands of Angels” and “the spirits of righteous men made perfect” will greet you. That means righteous men and scores of Angels are two separate groups instead of being the same.

Even Matthew 22:30 explains that resurrected saints are close to heavenly Angels, but they are two distinct groups. The fact is, Angels never marry and do not reproduce like the way humans do. Angels are not saints either. In short, human beings do not become Guardian Angels whenever they die. Psalms 8:4-5 represents Angels as spiritual beings who stand between the mortals and the Lord.

However, most of you may want to live with the idea that your deceased friends and family members becoming Guardian Angels. And the reason for that is simple: You want to see your departed loved ones in the beauty of heaven. While your deceased well-wishers may not be Guardian Angels, they are in a colour ful place full of life and laughter.

Wrapping It Up

So, now, you know a few thoughts on the deceased becoming Guardian Angels. The truth is, your Guardian Angel is a separate group of heavenly friends. These friends from heaven will be on your corner through thick and thin. Nonetheless, it is important to believe in one thing: Your deceased loved ones will be there with you in spirit for the rest of your life. Now, over to you. We want to listen to your thoughts on this topic. Share your viewpoints on your deceased relatives becoming your Guardian Angels in the comments. We would love to read your comments.