Different Visual Messages From Your Guardian Angels Explained

  1 November, 2021

Everyone has their Guardian Angels. For example, your neighbour will have an Angel just like your enemies may have theirs. But how can you know that your Guardian Angel has sent you a message? The fact is, your Guardian Angels are not visible because they do not have physical bodies. Even when you meditate thinking about your Angel or pray to him, you will not see him. Instead, in these times, your Angel will send you visual signs or messages.

Guardian Angels

Yes, your Guardian Angel will manifest his presence in your life through some solid visual signs; they communicate with you through these signs alone. And you will be more likely to process these visual cues when you pray to your angelic friend or meditate, thinking about him earnestly. So, what are these visual signs, anyway? In this explainer, we will break down some of these visual cues of your Angel so that you may see them in their true sense instead of ignoring them as mere coincidences.

Pure Light, Shadows And Images Shine The Way Forward

In most cases, you will find your Guardian Angel appearing in the form of light. As Angels have energy, they always emit light rays. So, if you see streaks, flashes or orbs near yourself while you are praying or meditating, it will signify your angelic friend’s presence.

Generally, Guardian Angels usually appear in the form of white light — the colour that you often see enveloping yourself whenever you communicate with them. Besides the colour white, Guardian Angels may emit different lights too.

Here is a list of colours of different light rays that your Angel may send your way. Interestingly, every light ray colour has a different meaning.

  • White: This colour is about the harmony and purity coming from the angelic friend’s holiness.
  • Blue: This is the light colour of faith, strength, protection and power.
  • Green: It signifies progress and healing.
  • Yellow: That is the colour of enlightenment and the Lord’s wisdom that penetrates into people’s souls.
  • Pink: This light ray colour symbolises peace and love.
  • Purple: Seeing this colour means your Angel is showing you a way of transformation and mercy.
  • Red: This coloured light signifies divine wisdom.

Besides encountering rays in different colours, you may also encounter shadows. Your Guardian Angel will cast a shadow, and you are most likely to see this shadow whenever you are praying or meditating. These shadows will usually outline a figure that is nearby. However, to really see the shadow, you will have to pray or meditate in earnest.

Other than having rays of light and shadows, you may also receive symbolic images from your Guardian Angel. Like, you may see a cloud crumbling and re-emerging in the form of a warrior — that is the kind of image your angelic friend from heaven may send your way.

Bottom Line

Now, you know a thing or two about the ways through which your Guardian Angel can communicate with you. Just remember one thing: You will have to pray to your Guardian Angel or meditate with him as seriously and wholeheartedly as you can. This way, you will receive the ultimate protection and divine wisdom from the Lord.