Does Your Guardian Angel Abandon You?

  6 February, 2022

The Bible mentions Guardian Angels many times. In many religious scriptures, Angels are seen guiding, assisting, and protecting humankind. As a result, God sends a Guardian Angel to keep an eye on you. That is clearly stated in the Bible. 

Guardian Angels

However, your question is, Whether each person has a specific angel. Well, the Bible doesn’t mention this. God provides his Angels to look after people, but the Bible doesn’t tell us how He does that.

According to the Christian faith, each one of you has a Guardian Angel. The Angel remains with you from the moment you’re born till the time you die. An Angel is always by your side at all times.

The concept of a Guardian Angel has its roots in a spirit, which is a supernatural presence that watches over you.

Do Guardian Angels Leave You In The Lurch?

People often believe their Guardian Angels have abandoned them. This is one of the most upsetting things that you may hear someone telling you. Though people don’t feel it very frequently, the individuals who think like this are likely to believe that their Angels have abandoned them.

Guardian Angels are blessed souls—the spirits of light—who forge a special bond with the people they protect. These Angels accept the noble purpose of assisting humanity while carrying out the Lord’s Spiritual Agendas. That is why God provides spiritual instructions to the people from at least one Angel.

Now, do you wonder what’d happen when you sin against God? Whenever you sin, do the Angels abandon you or continue to assist you? Well, here’s what happens.

What Exactly Happens?

Humans aren’t like Angels. Friends and family members may get angry enough to abandon you whenever you do something wrong. Angels, on the other hand, don’t hold grudges against anyone. They do not become angry. Their sole motivation is to serve God and humanity. 

The Angel’s purpose is to help you get closer to the Lord. Angels never abandon you even when you commit a sin. Angels come from the Lord, who also doesn’t leave you whenever you do something wrong. 

Turning to God and asking for forgiveness is God’s will. God may use His Angels to prick your consciences, bring flashes of happy memories in front of your eyes, and create positive thoughts in your mind as well. 

Summing It Up

So, the truth is that your Guardian Angels don’t “disappear” or “abandon” you. You can’t hurt their feelings since they don’t have any ego. As assigned by the Divine, Angel’s mission is to protect, love, and help you. Even if you’re perplexed enough to wish them to leave, your opinion on the subject won’t override God’s directive. 

The bottom line is that your Angel remains with you forever. Angels won’t depart because they want to protect and serve you.

Coming to that, if you want to be in a relationship with someone, you will put in the effort to make it happen. Right? It’s the same with your Angels. Contact them and accelerate the pace of your spiritual revolution.