Essential Ways To Stay Grounded In Uncertain Times

  6 June, 2022

In uncertain times if you are experiencing anxiety or flashbacks of painful memories, try the grounding exercise to help you stay calm. Grounding means you are becoming more aware of where you are in the present moment. Based on this knowledge, you can create a safe mental space and calm your emotions. There are numerous approaches to grounding. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Stay Grounded In Uncertain Times

Take Note Of Your Emotions!

When you know where your emotions are, you will recognize if they are a liability, particularly when you are at work. We have gone through the disadvantages of emotional suppression, and we can assure you that it’s worse. It may seem paradoxical, but engaging in negative emotions has a negative correlation. You will experience mood swings. In other words, if you acknowledge and recognise unpleasant emotions, they will have less of an impact on you.

In one study, participants wrote about a traumatic or neutral event every day for four days. Those who wrote about their trauma visited the health centre less often in the six months that followed than those who did not. When you pay attention to your body, you can catch emotional information before it takes over your entire system. And once the emotional information overwhelms your system, it is too late to use it to your advantage in uncertain times.

Little Pleasures Should Be Magnified.

Do not underestimate the pleasure of the first sip of afternoon coffee. It is human nature to notice pain more than pleasure. But you can find joy in the simple things that life serves you. These simple pleasures could go from passing a smile at someone who opens the door for you to standing up and stretching after sitting for a long time. No matter how bad it may be, every day provides countless opportunities to feel good by  stay  grounded in uncertain times. You just have to notice these opportunities and start appreciating them through uncertain times.

Change Yourself. That Will Change The World For The Better.

While you can and should be cautious, take a moment to remind yourself that you have the opportunity to set a positive example. What do we want to instil in your children? Is it gratitude and generosity or paranoia and greed? There is, of course, a line but please be mindful to  stay  grounded in uncertain times

The Bottom Line

Workplace stress is an unavoidable part of our lives, but you do not need elaborate practices or escape mechanisms to deal with it. All you need is the ability to stay  grounded in uncertain times yourself in a physical sensation, to anchor and return to reality. You only need a few seconds to tap your feet on the ground to be reminded that you have a reliable and always-present tool to help you cope with stress. It just so happens that you were born with it.

Now, it is your turn to tell us which one was your favorite tip to remain grounded. And if you have your own way of remaining grounded, then share it with us and the whole world. Maybe your way works for someone else.