Guardian Angels And Children: The Special Connection They Share

  14 December, 2021

Unlike adults, children need more help from Angels. Why? Well, because adults know the ways of life; because they know exactly how to navigate their life’s challenges single-handedly. However, children are still wet behind the ears. Kids need divine help. They need protection and guidance at every step of this fallen world. And that is why Angels protect children wholeheartedly. Do you still want to know how an Angel lends your kids divine protection? If yes, then this explainer is for you. This write-up gives you a rundown on the special divine connection shared between Guardian Angels and children. Let us get down to brass tacks now.

Guardian Angels

Invisible But Real Friends

Children have a stellar imagination. They play with their imaginary friends all the time. However, adults cannot have imaginary friends. The fact is that adults may not fully believe in the concept of imaginary friends. Believers say that real Guardian Angels will always lend better and faster protection to anyone who believes in them. Here is when adults lose to children. Adults seldom believe in anything so easily. But kids believe in the concept of Guardian Angel without any resistance. That is why they receive a greater degree of protection from these friends from heaven.

Many kids have faith that their Angels are imaginary but real friends. Not just that, many children have even reported seeing angelic friends. Most children have stated that they had seen their Guardian Angels in a matter-of-fact tone. On the other side of the spectrum lies adults who may regard seeing any otherworldly phenomenon as a matter of chance.

Here is one more advantage with kids: They live in the make-believe world, and that is why it is easier for them to trust their Guardian Angels. And anyone who trusts their Angels wholeheartedly will enjoy protection and guidance from these friends from heaven. Children have invented imaginary friends for a long time, so they really do not have any problems making up friends.

A Divine Connection Made In Heaven

The connection between children and Angels is made in the court of the Lord. Yes, heaven is the place where God dispatches an Angel to take care of their children. Owing to their nature, kids are more open to the idea of the Lord, His blessings, and His miracles. That is why they are more open to recognising the existence of their Angels.

Because they completely believe in the divine power of their Guardian Angels, children share a special connection with them. Besides, kids never give Angels any names. This is in stark contrast with the adults as they have the habit of naming everything and want to define every being and thing they see. Unlike adults, kids have the habit of identifying their Angels not through names but through indictors, including hues of colours, vibration, sight, and sound.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know the special, divine connection that Angels share with children. Angels often are more inclined to protect the kids because they are not powerful enough to know the ways of the world. So, if you have a newborn child in your life, it is important to connect her with Angels. Pray for her and encourage her to explore her Guardian Angel. This way, you will make sure your child is always protected, no matter what.