Here’s What Your Guardian Angel Does When You Kick The Bucket!

  11 January, 2022

Your Angel is always there with you. He accompanies you in the moments of you laugh and shed tears. In this explainer, we’re diving deep into this question: What happens to your Angel once you pass away? Well, if you want to find the answer, then read on.


The Higher Purpose Of Your Guardian Angel

Why does your Guardian Angel exist? Well, he’s there to serve you. Your Guardian Angel guides you with his wisdom. Your Angel is always there for you so that you can make better decisions in life. It’s just that you have to understand the subtle signs that your Angel sends your way. It’s as simple as that. But that’s not the only piece of work that your Angel does for you.

In the book, Catechism of the Catholic Church, it’s written that your Angel surrounds you from the moment you’re born; and he’ll be there with you until your death. That basically means that your Angel will always be there for you, and he’ll even extend his benevolent gaze at you when you’re dying. Well, that’s quite reassuring, isn’t it? After all, having your Angel in your final moments will help you forge a stronger bond with your Guardian Angel. On top of that, the work of a Guardian Angel won’t just finish when you die. Instead, the work of your Guardian Angel will extend beyond death. The fact is, your Angel will always accompany your soul lifetime after lifetime until you achieve the holy union with the Lord.

After all, as per Hebrews 1:14, the Lord has sent Angels to serve and protect you. So, you shouldn’t doubt your Angel’s presence in your life. In the same commentary, it’s written that Angels never cease to exist until you’ve inherited salvation. So, here’s the main idea of your Guardian Angel’s presence: It’s to help you attain salvation and be one with God. Once that’s achieved, the Lord will assign that same Angel who was serving you to someone else.

When all’s said and done, the chief aim of your Guardian Angel is to help you attain salvation. It’s to enable you to get closer to Lord Almighty. And the Angel tirelessly works towards this aim when you’re alive and even when you’ll breathe your last. That’s how industrious your Guardian Angel is.

The Bottom Line

So, now’s the time to help you appreciate the blessings and guidance of your Angel even more. The thing is, your Guardian Angel will always be close to you in this lifetime and in other lifetimes that are yet to come. Here’s the only requirement from your side – remain steadfast in offering your gratitude to your Angel. It’s that simple.

If you offer your earnest gratitude to your Angel, you’ll get closer to him. And if you’re closer to your Guardian Angel, you’ll attain unity with the Lord. Last but not least, you can stay closer to your angelic friend only when you pray to him and meditate with him. Lead a happy life ahead with your Angel!