How Can You Pray With Your Archangels?

  30 January, 2022

Archangels are watching over you. They’re God’s messengers who’ll help protect you. But the question is, How can you make sure Archangels listen to your specific prayers? Of course, these Archangels protect you time and again – but it’d be great if they could answer your prayers about the job, life, love, and more. But praying to your Archangels requires a concrete plan of action. That’s why we’re here to help you get started. In this explainer, we’ll help you figure out some ways through which you can make they listen to your prayers.


Remain Focused

First things first, you should remain focused while you’re praying. Unfocused prayers will give you unfocused results. So, you should make sure your prayers are always concrete and your mind focused on the outcomes of the prayers. This way, you’ll see that they will answer your every single prayer, no matter how small it is.

Always Be Grounded

Here’s the next battle-tested tip for ensuring that your Archangel will answer your prayers – remain grounded. If you’re grounded, you’ll make sure your prayers are realistic and logical. After all, there’s no point in praying for something that you won’t realize. For example, don’t pray to Archangels that you must get a luxury sports car even when your account balance isn’t high at all. So, when you’re grounded, you’re sure to pray logically. And Archangels will answer all your logical prayers, come hell or high water.

Show Your Gratitude

Do you know one of the key elements of making sure that Archangels answer your prayers fast? Well, it lies in expressing your gratitude to Archangels even before they answer your prayers. Most people make the mistake of showing gratitude to the Lord and his Archangels and Angels only when they fulfill their wishes. But that’s not the right way of going about it. Instead, make sure you thank your them every time you pray to them.

Visualizing The Angelic Presence

You’ll have to visualize the presence of Archangels in your life. If you don’t visualize, then you’ll be unable to understand and appreciate their presence. Whenever you pray to the Archangel, you must make sure you imagine him getting closer to you as a form of golden light. If you do that, you’ll definitely feel his presence in your life.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know the concrete tips that you have to keep in mind before praying to your them. Make sure you start with logical prayers. Then you’ll have to make sure you’re focused while you’re praying – the idea is that your mind mustn’t waver here and there. Also, express your gratitude to your Archangel. Last but not least, visualize the presence of your them in your life. 

See Archangels as a golden light that’s showering on you. Whenever you follow these tips to the letter, you’ll see that they  will answer your prayers. And if you’ve got your own hacks of making them listen to your prayers, then please drop your thoughts in the comments below.