Is It Hard To Quit Smoking? Here Are Some Crystals To Get You Started!

  24 November, 2021

Like everyone else, you will want to get rid of all your bad habits. Smoking is one such bad habit. After all, tobacco smoking gives birth to a horrific disease, which can stub the life out of your body. Most people start to smoke for escaping the harsh realities of life. Some people may even begin smoking when they feel stressed or face peer pressure. No doubt, smoking is a challenging addiction that you may not shed off that easily and quickly. If you have tried to quit smoking, you know what we are talking about.

Quit Smoking

But fear not as crystals are here. There are crystals for almost everything, from staving off negative vibes to maintaining positivity. These special healing stones will help you break free from the habit of smoking. Basically, healing stones will attack your tobacco addiction. To be honest, crystals will not force you to not smoke. Instead, some healing stones will help you rewire your brain so that you start to hate the habit of smoking. When you use the right healing stones, you will fill the void of not smoking that you may initially have tried filling with nicotine tar.

So, the question is, Which healing stones will help you end smoking? Here, we will share the details on three crystals that will help you snuff out that cigarette for good.

Snowflake Obsidian

This healing crystal has the immense shielding energy that black obsidian usually carries. This healing stone calms the wearer from the inside. This way, the person wearing this stone will also handle the displaced tobacco cravings too. When you wear this healing stone regularly, you will understand the real truth that drives you to smoke every single day. Being a solid boji stone, snowflake obsidian also rejuvenates your body cells. This way, you will quit not just smoking but also the after-effects of this habit. Moreover, a pendant carrying a snowflake obsidian crystal will also help you relieve stress and get rid of underlying emotional triggers as well.


Many people use labradorite as their divinity crystals. This healing stone calms your withdrawal symptoms once you quit smoking. Moreover, the lion’s share of people uses this healing stone in a ball format so that they can direct their focus on their crown chakra energy. This focus is always part of a variety of crystal programming rituals, which people perform before working with their stones. Many people — who are on the brink of quitting drinking, smoking or any other form of addiction — vouch for this stone’s effectiveness.

Aquatic Agate

This healing stone is admired across the length and breadth of history for eliminating addictions by influencing the crown chakra. Besides, this crystal helps you put a stop to all your self-harming traits, including smoking. Moreover, aquatic agate also helps resolve underlying emotional traumas that may have given rise to addiction. This healing stone will work wonders if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, marijuana or any other abusive substances.

Summing It Up

Now, you know a thing or two about the stones that you can use to quit smoking. Do you have your own pet crystals that have helped you successfully quit your smoking habit? If yes, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. We are all eyes.