Is It Possible To Make Your Own Fancy Tarot Deck?

  13 January, 2022

Yes, you can make your own tarot deck! The thing is, you may have worked with decks that may not have resonated with you. In some cases, you may have even worked with decks that you may have found somewhat okay but not outstanding.

Tarot Deck

But the fact is, you want a deck that fits your needs. And, voila, it’s possible to customize your deck. Even better, making a deck that sits well with you is just a start. Here’s what you need to know about tailoring your deck.

Did You Know These Things About Customising Your Deck?

First things first, tailoring your deck gives an incredible opportunity to showcase your hobbies. Customizing your deck even gives you a way of expressing your interests in a creative way.

The cards in the deck may even carry pictures that fit well with your personality. But make sure you’re aware of the copyright issues. But, hey, there’s one rock-solid way of solving this issue. Buy blank cards and design them in your own way. You know, it’s pretty fun to design your cards.

But why do you have to make your own deck, anyway? Well, here’s why.

Why Do You Have To Make Your Tarot Deck, Huh?

Do you know one of the hallmarks of a magician? It’s the ability to work with anything that’s available on hand. And in case you don’t have anything available at all, you’ll have to create with whatever’s available. Better yet, making tarot cards isn’t something new. Instead, the art of creating decks has been performed for ages. After all, every commercial deck available must’ve been inspired by someone’s ideas. Isn’t it? Yes!

For centuries, most people have made decks. And it isn’t that difficult to create yours either. It’s just that you’ll have to lay your hands on a blank set of cards, which may have been already cut and sized. This way, you’ll create your own deck easily and quickly. And once you’ve made your deck, you’ll also be allowed to make your deck’s artwork as well. When it comes to prepping artwork, you’ll have the liberty of being uber-creative. Most people even believe that doing the artwork for a deck helps them grow spiritually. Besides, if you’ve got any specific skills like painting or storytelling, then you can incorporate that into your tarot artwork.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you definitely know why you may not be having satisfaction using a deck. The fact of the matter is, every deck has its own energy. And if your deck’s energy doesn’t gel with your energy, then things won’t take off, no matter how hard you try. But if you’ve finally found a deck whose energy aligns with yours, then you’ve got a way of kick-starting your reading sessions. Best of all, if you don’t find the deck of your choice, you can create one. Building your own tarot deck will help you express your creativity. So, get a pre-cut and pre-sized deck, do the artwork, and get ready to do some amazing reading sessions. Good luck!