Proven Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Protecting You

  4 October, 2021

Most people believe that Angels walk among us. The fact is, everyone’s got an Angel. You, your mom, your dad, your sibling, your best friend, and even your foe has Angels. An Angel guides you and protects you. The Angel watches over you so that you get closer to the Lord without going astray. Since Angels play an important role in everyone’s life, we’ve thought of covering Guardian Angel in detail here.

Guardian Angel

But, sometimes, you may not know when your Angel protects you. Don’t fret because there are signs to figure that out. Yes, the Guardian Angel sends you proven signs to help you get assured that he’s watching over you. And in this explainer, we’ll list down some proven symbols that point toward the fact that your Guardian Angel is looking after you. Ready? Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Feeling That Something Soothing Brushes By You

You may have felt good whenever someone brushes by you. But the moment you look back to see who’s there, you find nobody. That someone could be your Guardian Angel. Sometimes you may even feel that someone has just touched you gently on your back or on your shoulder. But the moment you turn around to look who’s there, you can’t see anyone. That someone could always be your Guardian Angel.

Figuring Out Images And Symbols In Clouds

You may see images or symbols in clouds, and, most likely, you may believe that they’re just any other symbols or shapes. But that’s untrue. These symbols and shapes that you see in a cloud are signs that your Angel sends to you. Your job is to decode these symbols that you see in clouds. Once you’ve decoded these symbols successfully, you’ll be able to understand what your Guardian Angel wants you to know.

Smelling Something Pleasant

Out of the blue, you may smell something soothing. What’s that, you may think? When you check the source of the smell, you won’t find one. And that’s unsurprising. Why? It’s because this smell may be sent to you by your Guardian Angel, and that smell doesn’t have any source. The Angel will always emit a soothing, pleasant, heavenly smell that’ll make you feel motivated, encouraged, and confident. So whenever you encounter a source-less smell, you must believe that it’s wafting towards you right from heaven.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know the symbols and signs that your Guardian Angel sends your way. You just need to have the wisdom to break down these signs and symbols to make sure you understand the heart of your Angel. When you understand his heart, you’ll be able to overcome all challenges and start living your life the way you always wanted. Cultivating wisdom, however, depends on how much you meditate thinking about your Angel. Besides mediation, you may also pray to your Angel. This way, you’ll get the wisdom to communicate deeply with your Guardian Angel.