The Most Popular Types of Angels Explained

  21 September, 2021

Angels are the messengers of God. And that’s not all since everyone has one Angel, which is quite reassuring. That means you also have your Guardian Angel, who’s watching over you even now. Your Angel helps you throughout your life. You’ll find your Guardian Angel sending you signals and signs so that you can navigate your life confidently. Those who believe in the presence of Guardian Angels keep asking questions about their existence. Today, we’ll dive deep into the top types of Angels.


Different Types Of Angels

The Living Creatures

Believers call this angelic type “the four beasts” or the “living beasts”. The living creatures celebrate the Lord’s glory. Besides, this variety of Angels consistently worships the Lord. Some believers report that this angelic variety is the same as the ones depicted in Isaiah’s vision, which He often referred to as seraphim.

Common Angels

Unlike the other categories, this Angel category is broad. The fact is, common Angels don’t necessarily get any angelic rank in the Bible. Nonetheless, common Angels are quite powerful beings. Why? It’s because this angelic category does the Lord’s biddings regularly.


Seraphim are the angels that declare the Lord’s presence and His holiness. According to believers, these angels fly around the Lord’s throne room and promulgate His majesty. This category of Angels has six wings. The book of Isaiah also mentions these Angels regularly.


Many people believe that cherubs are baby angels who fly around naked with harps in their hands. Cherubim has one other name—putti Angels. And these Angels get their representation from the artists of the Victorian and Renaissance periods. But religious scriptures paint a different picture of cherubs. In these scriptures, cherubs are believed to guard and surround the covenant ark, temple, and tabernacle.


This is one of the most powerful Angels of all time. Arch means “chief”. That means these angels are the chief of other angels. This specific category of Angels is thought to exercise some command over other angelic beings. So, if you get the mention of Archangels somewhere, think about the level of authority and power they carry.

Finding Your Guardian Angel

Do you want to figure out who your Guardian Angel is? If yes, then here’s the deal. You’ll have to pray a lot. Besides praying too much, you may not want to skimp on your meditation sessions too. But, sometimes, these things work as slow as cold molasses. That is to say, they may not be too helpful when you want to connect with your Angel instantly. In these times, you’d want a specific process to help you contact your Angel fast. But where can you find such a process? Here’s where we, at Angel Oasis, come in. We have a process that people trust. Many people have used this process to find out their Angel. So, what’s holding you back? Just take this simple test and raise your chances of finding your Angel.