The Top Symbols That Archangel Raphael Is Paying You A Visit

  2 October, 2021

Archangel Raphael is a powerful Angel of healing. As he heals people, Raphael comes at times of recovery from emotional distress and mental discomfort. On top of that, the literal translation of this Archangel’s name is “he who heals” or “God heals”. Best of all, this Archangel is available at all times whenever you call for him.

Archangel Raphael

If you know something about Angels, you know they won’t visit you in a solid physical form. Instead, they’ll send you signals whenever they’re nearby.

Like many other Angels and Archangels, this one will also make his presence crystal-clear. Besides, Raphael will often manifest himself in humorous but simple ways. The manifestation of this Archangel will help bring oodles of comfort and clarity to anyone who asks for his help. Are you confused about whether Raphael visited you? Well, here are the three common signs that this Archangel leaves whenever he pays you a visit.

Sign #1: Viewing Beautiful Sparks Of Emerald Green

This is one of the most common symbols that Raphael leaves whenever he sees you. Whenever this Archangel visits you, you’ll notice enchanting flashes of emerald green. Raphael shows off energetic orbs of green light. And the best part is that every Archangel has a specific colour. So, if you know the colour associated with every Archangel, you’ll know which one’s visiting you.

Sign #2: Watching Raphael’s Name Writ Large Everywhere

Archangel Raphael doesn’t send you subtle signals whenever he wants to talk to you. Instead, this Archangel will make sure you feel his presence whenever he’s near you. That’s why the kind of signs he sends your way is often prominent. That means you shouldn’t be taken aback whenever you see his name while you’re in the swim of things. For example, if you’re thinking about this Archangel, and you see a lumber past with “Raphael” written on it, don’t take it as a coincidence.

Sign #3: Looking For Messages Hidden In Daily Realities Of Life

You’ll usually call for this Archangel whenever you’re amidst a storm of despair. But that doesn’t stop Raphael to show off his humorous side to you. In fact, most believers have reported him sending signals through everyday objects such as books or license plates. For instance, you may be praying to Raphael while driving, and you see a truck with a message on it; this message will sure have some relevance in your life. If that’s the case, then Raphael would’ve sent you this message.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know the symbols that this Archangel sends your way. When these messages fly by in your life, you may choose to notice them or ignore them. Ignoring these messages as just another part of your life is simple, but it takes immense wisdom to start seeing the true meaning hidden in these messages. That’s why it’s essential to pray so that you can have the wisdom to make sense of Raphael’s signs. So, keep praying to Raphael and keep your eyes peeled for these signs.