The Top 3 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is With You

  5 June, 2021

Knowing that your Guardian Angel is looking after you is a comforting feeling. Some people believe that God assigns a Guardian Angel to each one of you. On the other hand, a few others believe that an Angel is a deceased relative or friend offering guidance.

Guardian Angel

The fact is that your Guardian Angel isn’t a loved one who died. Instead, an Angel is a spiritual being who offers you guidance so that you can navigate your life as confidently and joyfully as possible. But how do you know that an Angel is near you? Well, that’s the question we’ll be answering today. We’ll share three signs that your Guardian Angel will send you to make you understand that he’s nearby.

Sign #1: You’ll Dream About Your Angel

Dreams help you look closely at your soul. So, whenever you dream about your Guardian Angel visiting you, it’s an indication that he’s near you. Some Angel-believers report that whenever an Angel is near you, he’ll tell you about it in your dreams. Sometimes, the Angels will appear in your dream and send you some sort of message or guidance.

Sign #2: You’ll See Strangely Coloured Orbs

Have you spotted a strangely coloured orb lately? If yes, then your Guardian Angel has visited you. At first, you may think that your eyes are deceiving you whenever you spot a brightly coloured orb. But that’s not the case. In fact, some people believe that these orbs and lights are actually the vehicles of an Angel. You may see an orb every single day. Or, sometimes, when you’re looking at an old photograph, you may see an orb behind you in that pic. Long story short: When you see an orb, it’s proof that your Angel is there with you at the moment. So, whenever you see a unique or bright light, that means your Angel is in your corner.

Sign #3: You’ll Smell Something Sweet Suddenly

If a sweet smell comes to you unexpectedly, then it’ll be a sign that your Guardian Angel is near you. Some people believe that the Angel sends a sweet scent towards you when they want to connect with you. This sweet smell will be proof that your Angel is nearby. This smell may take different forms, including fragrant flowers, delectable food, and so much more.

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