Which Healing Stones Will Help You Remain Calm? Here’s The Answer!

  24 September, 2021

You may have panic attacks. Or you may not be able to retain your calm for a long time. Worst yet, you may not be able to calm yourself easily after an episode of anger or anxiety. If any of this resonates with you, then we’re here to help you. We’ll tell you about a range of healing stones that’ll help you retrain your calmness even amid crises. Actually, we’re a fan of healing stones and have written extensively about it here and here too.

healing stones

Four Healing Stones To Help You Get Back Your Calm


This healing stone has high vibrations that melt your chaotic and negative thoughts. That means this crystal will help you have a clear headspace so that you can take your life’s crucial decisions. Besides, the healing crystal has a soothing blue-coloured hue, which can help you connect with your third eye, crown, heart, and other energy centres of your body.


People call this healing stone the intuitive eye. This healing stone is purple-hued, which makes it look beautiful. Better yet, this healing crystal is available in abundance. If you see this healing stone in your favourite influencer’s home, don’t be surprised. It’s because Amethyst helps create relaxing energy. This healing stone fuses with the third-eye chakra and the crown chakra. This fusion, in turn, helps create peaceful vibes in the wearer’s life.

Black tourmaline

Some stones are very popular to repel anxiety. But there’s one stone that’s often overlooked—it’s the black tourmaline. This is a protection stone, and offering high-level protection gives black tourmaline a calming effect that lasts really long. This stone helps you build robust boundaries between yourself and negative situations as well as bad thoughts. That means this healing crystal will help you block your negative thoughts.


Last but not least, let’s discuss one of the rock stars of healing crystals. This rock star or stone will sure help you dispel negativity and anxiety from every corner of your life. Yes, we’re talking about the good old fluorite. Believers associate this healing stone with clarity and balance. Whenever you’re under pressure, take this healing stone in your hand and start meditating. This way, you’ll be able to replace your anxiety and negative thoughts with a clear mindset.

Wrapping it up

So, you’ve just gone through the top four top crystals that’ll help you calm down or retain your calmness under stressful situations. Now, what’s holding you back? Get your favourite crystal. This way, you can start working with an ideal healing stone that’ll help you remain calm. Most people have reported positive outcomes after working with crystals. You just have to know how to get started. Once you’ve got started with your crystals, you’ll claim your calmness.