3 Crystals That Will Turn You From A Procrastinator To A Doer

  15 July, 2021

We do not have to tell you that procrastination is a bad habit. We are still doing it because old habits die hard. No doubt, many of you may be moving heaven and earth to get rid of this habit. After all, procrastination makes you slip precious things from your fingers. Some of you may have already paid a pretty penny owing to your procrastinating nature.

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However, do not worry because we are here to help you kick this old habit once and for all. We have a list of three crystals that are our favourites when it comes to changing yourself from being a procrastinator to a doer. Let us get started now.


Also referred to as Fool’s Gold, Pyrite is all about providing motivation or inspiration. Besides bringing luck into your life, this healing stone can help you renew the focus and dedication required to achieve your goals. Place this healing crystal at your work desk if you are a major procrastinator. This stone will help you nurture motivation that will enable you to work better for longer. You can wear this healing stone in a bracelet or pendant so that it always touches your root chakra. The thing is, pyrite helps you get rid of procrastination by purifying your root chakra. In short, this healing crystal will absorb all your negativity and will make you feel grounded. That means when you wear this healing crystal, you will feel enthusiastic and positive about your work.


Ametrine is a sublime mix of citrine and amethyst. Apart from having a striking appearance, ametrine stacks a lot of power as well. If you are confused or frustrated about your next move, this healing crystal will help you for sure. You can hold this stone in your palm and close your eyes. Then you will have to focus on everything that is crowding your mind. In some time, you will feel that your mind is crystal-clear and you will know what should you do next. In simple words, this soothing stone will help you clear your mind and ground your soul. Moreover, this healing stone will even help you battle extreme stress day in, day out.

Tigers Eye

Last but not least, we have the tiger eye crystal. This healing stone is known for boosting your self-esteem and sharpening your focus. Tiger eye works with your solar plexus chakra and removes any kind of physical imbalance present in your body. Basically, this healing stone will help you fetch immense dedication and willpower so that you do not procrastinate. In addition, this healing crystal will make you eliminate feelings of self-doubt, all the while making you a more positive person.

It Is All About Working With Crystals More Effectively

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