3 Healing Crystals That Will Help You Alleviate Pain

  14 July, 2021

Crystals help you get rid of the pain. If you use the right healing stones at the right time, you will alleviate chronic or acute pain. You may suffer from pain caused by injury, autoimmune disorder, cancer, arthritis or any other disease.


Healing crystals help you manage the overall effects on your mind and body. Chronic illness, however, can differ in characteristics — so, pair your painful disease with the most appropriate crystal. Here is one more important thing: Whenever you want to cure a health condition, you will have to take a holistic approach.

That is why you will find healing stones that will help you cut the emotional pain and stress while improving your immune system and helping you sleep peacefully. Because, after all, it is all about striking the perfect balance. You will never achieve any powerful results by curing only one single area of your disease. So, it is better to have a comprehensive approach to curing illness.

To help you get started, we are giving you the top three crystals to help you experience pain relief.


Also known as the master healer, this stone has high vibes that will help you bring down your pain. To be more precise, this healing crystal will help bring down the levels of pain caused by metabolic issues, injury, arthritis and migraine. Likewise, this healing stone will also help overcome insomnia or reduce stress. You must place the amethyst stone on the painful part of your body and secure it in that place with the help of duct tape.

Rose Quartz

This healing crystal is especially helpful in relieving pain and curing a range of skin problems, including gout, burns, gout and eczema. Rose quartz comes with natural anti-inflammatory properties that help create cooling effects. This healing crystal will also help improve the way your kidney functions and eliminate excess fluids. That is why when you wear this healing stone on the affected body parts, you will experience relief.


Having a high iron content, hematite is often called a natural magnet. That is why this healing stone helps maintain the actual nerve cell’s charge, making it an ideal crystal for pain relief. This healing crystal has multiple benefits, including regulating the flow of blood in your body. That is, hematite works as a solid stress stone and cures conditions such as headaches, anaemia and high blood pressure. Besides, carrying this healing crystal brings many benefits to mind and body too. When you wear hematite daily or put it under your pillow during the nights, you will destress easily and live a pain-free life.

One More Way Of Working With Healing Crystals To Cure Pain

Now that you know a thing or two about healing stones that will help you cure pain and live a balanced life, it is important to work with them effectively. If you do not know the way of working with these crystals effectively, then you may not be able to unlock their full power. That is why you should seek the guidance of your Guardian Angel.

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