3 Crystals To Help You Stay Grounded Every Time You Begin To Lose Your Focus

  5 July, 2021

When you are grounded, you are not lost in feelings, psychic experiences or stray thoughts. The moment you are grounded, you are aware of the physical context present at the moment. If you are likely to feel confused, lost or overwhelmed most of the time, you will need some gemstones.

Yes, we have curated a range of healing stones that will help you stay grounded. Why should you remain grounded in the first place? To begin with, staying grounded is integral to your emotional healing. Moreover, staying grounded plays an important role in your metaphysical working.

 healing stone

Now, here is the top question that begs an answer: How can you stay grounded with the help of crystals?

First of all, find a quiet place and close your eyes. At this moment, focus on whatever is happening inside you. Then you should hold your stone and inhale deeply. This is the time when you will start to feel the sensations of the stone in your hands.

At this very moment, you will also feel that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Afterwards, you should name the objects that you see or the sounds that you hear. Keep naming until your nervous system becomes normal.

Now, you know why and how you should use gemstones to remain grounded. However, which gemstones should you use to stay firmly grounded in reality? It is a tough question to answer as there are hundreds of healing crystals available. To help you get started, we have curated the top three healing crystals that will help you ground yourself.

Three Crystals To Help You Stay Grounded


Do you know the most powerful healing stone to help you protect yourself against physical attacks or guard yourself against negative influences? The answer lies in amethyst. This healing stone will improve your psychic consciousness and spiritual sharpness. Besides, amethyst packs strong cleansing and healing powers. Moreover, this healing crystal helps soothe your mind and foster a deeper level of focus and understanding.


This healing stone packs the power of the sun. That is why the stone’s vibration is energising, calming and warming. This healing gemstone will even absorb all your negative energies and will save you from destructive forces. Moreover, citrine will help you attract abundance in the form of wealth, success and prosperity. The stone is also believed to raise your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. Not just that, the stone even helps you overcome depression, different phobias and fear.

Rose Quartz

This healing gemstone is the crystal of heart or unconditional love. Rose quartz carries an incredible level of the feminine energy of healing, peace and compassion. The stone has the ability to touch hearts and heal emotional wounds; generally, resentments and fears cause emotional wounds. Besides, the crystal works wonders when it comes to relieving stress and tension. And if that was not enough, then this stone also helps foster a spirit of compassion, emotional refinement, empathy and creativity.

Amplifying The Healing Energy Of Stones

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