3 Healing Crystals That High-School Students Need To Have

  7 September, 2021

For hundreds of thousands of years, people have resorted to alternative medicine to cure the mind, spirit, and body. Do you know about one of the most popular alternative medicine available? It involves healing crystals. In recent times, healing crystals have shot to fame at an incredible speed.

healing crystal

The thing is, healing crystals help connect your body’s seven chakras which are the energy centres of your body. These chakras include the third eye, solar plexus, root chakra, sacral, and crown. You may not find scientific proof of the crystals working anywhere yet. But many people have reported the benefits of working with healing stones all the same. For example, many believers said that working with crystals helped them become emotionally stronger and heal intensely. People who work with healing stones properly have felt heat and vibration too.

So, if you are in high school and need a stone to help you power through the rough patches that are commonplace in adolescence, then this explainer is for you.

3 Stones For High-Schoolers

Stone #1: Amethyst

This healing crystal symbolises wealth. You’ll be surprised to know that the Romans and the Greeks used amethyst for preventing intoxication. That’s why they carved their drinking vessels using these stones. This healing crystal is usually used as a stress-relieving stone, signifying abundance and protectiveness. Many students use amethyst for tackling school-specific stress and anxiety.

Stone #2: Fluorite

The use of fluorite can be traced back to the Chinese and Egyptians. Many people treasure this stone’s uniquely mesmerising colouring patterns. Besides, this healing stone will enhance your capability to find happiness and uncover your life’s divine purpose. Students may also use this healing stone to fine-tune their focus, strengthen their memory, and take mental barriers down. Besides, students with learning disabilities may resort to fluorite as well.

Stone #3: Carnelian

Here’s one healing stone that was worshipped and used in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, you’ll see many singers and artists who use Carnelian’s abilities. Adele is one of the most popular singers, using this healing stone and vouching for its effectiveness. Not just that. Most people also adore the vibrant and diverse hues of red and orange that you’ll find in this healing stone. High-schoolers can use this stone for boosting their self-confidence and refreshing their creativity.

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