3 Healing Crystals To Kick-Start Your Mornings

  5 September, 2021

Most of you may already be giving your morning coffee religious reverence. But do you know that you can also get the same boost of energy in the morning with healing crystals? Hey, using crystals every morning shouldn’t be a reason to skip your java! Not by a wide margin. But working with an energizing crystal every morning can give your day a fresh start.

healing crystals

Healing crystals have an incredible level of power; they can do everything from opening up your heart to protecting your home. In the same way, a healing crystal can help you prepare for the day ahead. It’s just that you have to know which healing stone should you grab every morning.

In this explainer, we’re going to give you a rundown on different healing crystals that you should have by your side to give your morning a solid boost.


Also known by the nickname of fool’s gold, this healing stone won’t disappoint you if you use it every morning. Many people have experienced a surge in their confidence and willpower the moment they’ve started working with this stone. When you use this stone properly, you’ll make sure you have the energy to face your fears. Not just that, pyrite is also used for amplifying the healing properties of other crystals.


This healing stone has a slew of passion-awakening and energizing properties. Most stone experts warn you against putting this stone in your room when you’re having some shut-eye—yes, it’s that powerful. Rather, you must keep carnelian in your pocket every morning so that you can get its energy. If you use this healing crystal well every morning, you’ll remain energetic throughout the day.


Hematite is a powerful, magnetic stone that can keep you at the top of your dating game. Not just that, this stone can help you renew your strength whenever you’re in a slump. Usually, you’ll feel lackadaisical when you’ve just got up in the morning; at that time, you can work with this healing stone. Since time immemorial, this healing crystal is often linked with vitality and healing. Besides, using hematite every morning will help you feel energetic, focussed, and grounded every day.

One More Way Of Kick-Starting Your Mornings

When you want to kick-start mornings sans healing stones, you must connect with your Guardian Angel. Your Angel will help you get the energy to make your mornings more energetic. But connecting with your Guardian Angel is easier said than done unless you have a qualified process. And here’s where we come in. We have a proven process to help you contact your Angel as quickly as possible. So, what’s holding you back? Take this simple test and start your spiritual journey alongside your Guardian Angel.