Three Lesser-Known Facts About Guardian Angels

  21 May, 2021

Guardian Angels are fascinating, angelic beings. God has sent these heavenly helpers so that mortals can live peacefully. These Angels are mystical. Most of us may have occasionally read news about a mysterious figure saving someone from a serious accident. These mysterious figures are Guardian Angels. And they are everywhere with everyone.

uardian Angel

These angelic beings intervene without the knowledge of anyone. These angels selflessly help us finish a task. So, it’s time to know more about Guardian Angels so that you can appreciate them. That’s why we’re sharing three lesser-known facts that’ll help you know Guardian Angels better.

Everyone In The World Has A Guardian Angel

Most theologians believe that every person on this planet has an Angel. Many sacred scriptures also mention Guardian Angels helping mortals in powering through tough times. These sacred scriptures generally include Jerome, Basil, and Saints Thomas Aquinas. Not just that, most non-Christians also strongly believe in the idea of Guardian Angels. So, you also remember that there’s one Angel assigned to you the moment you were born. It’s just that you’ll have to find out who your Guardian Angel is.

The Angels Have Names That God Gave Them

The Catholic Church instructs that you should refrain from giving names to the Angels. Why? Well, when you know someone’s name or give someone a specific name, you exercise your authority over them. But you cannot have such authority over your Guardian Angel. Only God Himself can give names to the Guardian Angels. Why’s that? It’s because the Angels only report to Lord alone. So, make it a point that you always have immense gratitude towards your Angels and should never feel that they’re at our service.

No, We Don’t Become Angels When We Die

Unlike popular belief, the dead don’t become an Angel. No matter what. So, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll become a Guardian Angel the moment you kick the bucket. Here’s what happens when someone dies. So, the moment someone dies, their soul will be separated from their body. But eventually the soul will merge with the body when the time comes to a close. That’s why you shouldn’t have the false belief that you’ll become an Angel while you wait for your body. God created all Angels when He created the universe in one single instance. And when you’re born, God assigned you a Guardian Angel too.

Summing it up

Now, you know three lesser-known facts about Guardian Angels. After knowing these facts, you’ll sure feel more gratitude towards your Angels. Knowing these facts will help you appreciate the love and guidance of your Angel. The only thing is that you should know the process of connecting with your Angel. Once you know that, you’ll be able to communicate with your Angel properly and grow closer to him.

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