Two Important Facts That You Should Know About Archangel Jeremiel

  22 May, 2021

Do you know the meaning of Jeremiel? It’s “God’s mercy”. Some other spellings of Jeremiel are Jerahmeel, Ramiel, Jeremeel, Remiel, and Hieremihel. Phew, too many spellings, right? Well, there’s one other name of this Archangel. It’s the Angel of dreams and visions. Wait, we aren’t done. Here are some other names of Archangel Jeremiel: “Angel of Visions and Dreams” and “Angel of Presence”. This Archangel Jeremiel  helps communicate God’s messages to anyone who’s in trouble or feeling too discouraged.

Archangel Jeremiel

The fact is that people request Jeremiel’s help. Sometimes, people seek guidance from this Archangel. With the help of Jeremiel’s guidance, people can analyse their lives and understand what the Lord wants them to change. With this change, they can find meaning in their lives.

So, do you want to connect with this Archangel? If so, you should know two facts about Jeremiel first. By knowing more about Archangel Jeremiel, you’ll raise your chances of connecting with this heavenly being. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Being Less Communicative

Judaic texts states that this Archangel Jeremiel is one of the seven Archangels who serve humanity. Yet, today, he’s not one of the most widely known Archangels. What’s the reason behind this? It’s because Jeremiel is very quiet.

Now, being quiet doesn’t mean that this Archangel isn’t around when you need him. Instead, Archangel Jeremiel is guiding humanity and helping people; it’s just that the Archangel doesn’t communicate like many other Archangels. For example, Jeremiel is way different from Archangel Michael because the latter is quite vocal in ensuring that his guidance is heard. On the contrary, Archangel Jeremiel only communicates via mental moves, visions, dreams, and symbols.

Serving Humanity Till Eternity

At the start, we told you that this Archangel has a long list of names. But why does this Archangel have such names? It’s because these names translate the role of this Archangel. First of all, Jeremiel delivers the wisdom and light of Heaven to the physical realm. This way, the Archangel helps mortals understand what God wants from them.

But there’s a caveat. Mortals can’t easily understand the wisdom and light of Heaven. That’s why Archangel Jeremiel delivers these heavenly messages in the form of visions and dreams. When you sleep, your unconscious mind is active—and that’s when your mind will be able to process these mystical symbols. By understanding Jeremiel’s prophetic visions, people develop many capabilities, including clairvoyance. These messages, in turn, help people decode the guidance of the Lord Almighty. By applying these wonderful pieces of guidance, people are able to steer their lives in a positive direction.

Now, you know two important facts about Jeremiel. Soon you may have a question. How can you communicate with this Archangel? And you’re not alone asking this question. The fact is that most people know about Angels but don’t know anything about contacting them.

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