Three Proven Prayers for Empowering You to Cope with Grief

  13 May, 2021

Maybe social media has made you more aware. But it’s likely that when you’re scrolling your feed, you come to know that one of your friends or relatives are going through a period of grief. The grief that springs from the death of a loved one is insurmountable if you don’t tackle it effectively.


Grief gives birth to a feeling of loss that’s hard to escape. And the grief gets worse if you plan to ignore it or suppress it for long. Because that’ll be the time when grief will gather strength and hit you harder than ever. Because of these factors, it’s important to pray. Prayer is a great resource to nurse your grieving heart.

Here, we’ll tell you about three proven prayers that will help you cope with grief.

Prayer #1: Let Your Grief Flow Out

You should let your grief get out of your system through your prayers. Make a prayer that helps the Lord know about your sufferings, challenges, and whatnot. Ask for God’s mercy. Your prayers should be so powerful that the Lord will collect your tears and show you the way forward. That is why make sure you get the grief out of your system through your prayers.

Prayer #2: Pray For Your Comfort

Jesus proclaimed, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5:4, NIV). That’s why it’s important for you to mourn through your prayers. When you mourn the loss of a loved one in your prayers, you’ll get comfort. Ask Jesus to take you in His embrace. Your prayers should request Jesus to remain untouched by the thoughts, words, and actions that’ll cause discomfort.

Prayer #3: Ask Jesus To Give You Peace

Jesus has said that his followers will get peace. That’s why it’s important for you to pray for peace. You should ask the Lord to help your heart find peace, no matter how grief-stricken you may be. You can pray to Jesus to help you get a peaceful sleep every night. And make sure you have gratitude for whatever you are getting.

Is There A Way Of Getting All Of Your Prayers Answered?

But do you know there’s a way of helping you answer your every single prayer? Yes, it sounds like a cool treasure trove. And it’s absolutely true. It’s just that you should know what kind of prayer you should have and when should you pray. If you know this much, you’ll be halfway through the process of improving your life.

But to help you get started with praying this way, you’ll have to make sure you have a solid helping hand. This helping hand will be none other than your Guardian Angel. The question is, How can you connect with your Guardian Angel?

Here’s How You Can Contact Your Angel

When you have your Angel in your life, you’ll see that you’re able to fulfil your wishes. Do you know why? Well, because these Angels will help you pray properly and ask for the right things. And when it comes to connecting with the Angel in your life, you should trust us. At, we help people find their Angels and start communicating with them. So, find out your Guardian Angel and discover a whole new way of praying to the Lord.