3 Ways You Can Add Healing Stones to Your Daily Routine

  29 April, 2021

healing Stones

Healing Stones these days, many people are open to the idea of using healing stones. These crystals have shot to popularity because they contain the Earth’s history worth millions of years. Because these stones are present in the Earth’s soil for so long, they gain amazing healing energies. In turn, these healing properties of a stone can easily elevate any sort of mindful practice.

But as there’s no one-size-fits-all diet, there’s no single stone that’ll work for everyone. That means a stone that may have worked wonders for your friend may not produce similar results in your case. Thankfully, there are many ways of working with these healing crystals daily routine. Here are the top three ways of getting started.

Hold crystals while meditating

You have to connect with your crystal to unlock its healing benefits. Well, then, what’s the best way of connecting with these healing stones? You just have to use your crystal while you’re meditating. Begin by holding your crystal in your hands and closing your eyes. Once you’ve put the crystal in your hands and your eyes are shut, you need to focus on the way you breathe.

When you do all these things, you’ll feel that your body will sink deeper into the soil of the Earth. That’s when you’ll feel of having a grounding effect. At that time only, you’ll also feel a kind of lightness surrounding you. But, remember, you may not experience this kind of lightness right off the bat. So, you have to remain patient and keep on experimenting. That’s the only way forward.

Bring crystals to your altar

When you work with crystals, you’ll have to focus on experience the amplification caused by the magnificent earth energy. You can start with adding crystals to your home’s altar. This way, you’ll experience the Earth’s energy in all its glory.

Your stone will have a point which is a sharp edge. You can use this edge for magnifying the intentions you have established near your at-home altar. First up, you’ll have to write down your intentions on a piece of paper. Afterwards, you’ll have to put your stone on top of a paper. By doing this exercise, you can amplify your force of good luck.

Create your crystal grid

To make the most out of your healing crystals, you’ll have to arrange all of them into a sacred grid. That’s how you’ll do your best in magnifying the power of your healing stones. And there’s a series of steps for setting up your crystal grid.

Best of all, the whole process of establishing your crystal grid is easier than you may think. If, however, you’re new to the concept of crystal grids, then you should use grid clothes as your guide. It’s because the patterns of an actual grid may feel too complicated for beginners.

How can you amplify the healing power of your stones?

Now, you know exactly how can you get started with working with your healing stones. We have also given three ways of doing it, and these ways are fairly easy to follow. Last, if you want to amplify the way you work with your stones, you can work with your Angel.

Guardian Angels have a way of helping you unleash the full healing stones. All you have to do is discover who your Angel is. Once that’s done, you’re all set to use your healing stones in the best possible way.