3 Deeply Rooted Myths on Crystal Healing

  28 April, 2021

Have you thought of diving into the amazing world of alternative therapy? If yes, you’ll already know the concept of crystal healing. Healing stones are in the limelight for the last decade. But the fact is that shiny stones have been in use since ancient times.

Types of healing crystal

If you dive into the interesting history of crystal healing, you’ll come to know about different civilisations using these stones. But how do these stones become so popular? Because they carry an incredible amount of power for balancing someone’s life correctly. Despite the rising popularity of stones, they have too many myths. In this write-up, we’ll debunk the top three myths related to healing stones. Let’s get started.

Myth #1: You can use these crystals by yourself

The internet is teeming with all sorts of information about crystals and their healing properties. Or should we say misinformation, eh? That’s why you can’t and shouldn’t trust the internet completely until you’ve stumbled upon a credible source.

Much like medicines, you shouldn’t use these healing stones without speaking to a professional. Why? Because using the stones without any qualified guidance may cause negative effects. For example, did you know that one thing you should do before using  crystal  healing? Nope!

So, it’s important for you to have someone by your side who can guide you in using the crystals properly. How about your Angel. Yes, using crystals along with your Guardian Angel will maximise their impact. It’s just that you have to find your Angel.

Myth #2: These crystals are wish-granting magical stones

Crystal is a magical stone that can help you achieve anything in life. Is it so? No. In fact, this is one of the most common misconceptions about crystals doing the rounds. It’s time to debunk this myth once and for all. First things first, crystals aren’t a wizard’s stone that’ll deliver an instant transformation.
Instead, crystal  healing will enhance the positivity around you. They’re the most potent tool in your arsenal, which can help you enhance your positivity. But if you assume that a healing crystal will make someone fall in love with you, you’re missing the point.

These crystals help you improve your life condition so that you have a clear head to make the right decision in your life. So, it’s better not to assume that crystals can be your wish-granting jewel, which you can use to change bad circumstances instantly.

Myth #3: beautiful stones are more powerful than the dull ones

People assume that a well-polished and beautiful crystal stone is more powerful than the rest. However, that’s not true. The power of any crystal healing on this planet will depend on the stone’s vibration and not on its outer appearance.

The fact is, a crystal’s beauty has nothing to do with its energy. Whether it’s shiny or dull, the stone’s healing power is based on its vibration. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely true that you can do a great deal of stuff for enhancing a crystal healing power.

For example, you can make sure that the healing stone is cleansed and programmed before you use it. This way, you can improve the positive vibration that the stone sends out every time you place it on your body. The bottom line is that you should feel connected with the stone. And forming this connection has nothing to do with the stone’s size, shape, and appearance.

Summing it up

Now, you know the top three myths commonly associated with healing stones. We’ve debunked them so that you know how crystal healing work and what should you do to improve their positive vibrations. Do you have some more myths that we didn’t cover here? In that case, drop them in the comments below. We’re all eyes!