5 Ways of Developing Resilience in Life

  22 April, 2021

According to an urban myth, Thomas Edison developed thousands of lightbulb prototypes before getting it right. The world we know would’ve changed if Edison gave up after a couple of failures. His inspiring story helps us relook at our lives.

build resilience in your life

Ask yourself these questions. Do you have Edison’s resilience for overcoming challenges? Are you letting your failures destroy your dreams? Do you have the strength of not giving up? If your answer a no to even one of these questions, then read on. Because, here, we’re examining resilience and five ways of building it in your life.

What’s resilience?

Resilience means how well you handle difficult situations in your life. It shows your capability of bouncing back with energy amid challenges. So, you can think that resilient people won’t lose their cool so fast. Instead, they’ll maintain a positive mindset at all times and manage stress like a champ. Studies show some people are resilient naturally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn these behaviours. Up next, we’re sharing five proven tips to help you build resilience in your life. Whether you’re fighting a tough battle in your life or want to be all set for the next one, these tips will help.

How to build resilience?

Never stop believing in abilities

Have confidence in your abilities. This way, you’ll find it easier to cope with any kind of stress that life throws your way. If you find it challenging to believe in yourself and your abilities, connect with your Guardian Angel. Your Angel will help you believe in your abilities.

Fetching the purpose of your life

Find a sense of purpose and discover your resilience increasing manifold steadily. You can become involved in community work, or you can participate in any activity you like. Likewise, you can strengthen your spiritualty and create your version of resilience.

Adopting change like a champ

Flexibility is integral to building resilience. That means when you become adaptable, you’ll be more prepared to face any challenge. You’ll see resilient people seeing any change as an opportunity to learn, thrive, and inspire.

Developing a strong social network

You should have people whom you can tell your secrets. Having such people will become your support system and protect you in times of crisis. These people will encourage you to not give up and find solutions to all your problems.

Practising the art of optimism

Having an optimistic mindset helps. It’s a given that feeling positive during dark times can be challenging. But just because something’s challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You may be dealing with something difficult. But you should remain positive and hopeful about having a bright future. Because when you do that, you get the optimism and eventually build resilience.

Final thoughts

You know a thing or two about resilience now. What’s more? You even have a list of battle-tested tips for helping you build resilience. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips to the letter and discover your strength of not giving up increase manifold.