Your Guide to Exploring Crystals That Stave Off Negative Vibes

  23 April, 2021

Crystals are pretty, but they’re more than eye candy. So, here’s the thing. Every crystal comes with an exclusive energy signature, speciality, and purpose. For example, a few crystals help in mediation. In the same way, some crystals have negative energy blasts.

Crystal Healing

Whether you let them touch your body or keep them in your home, these stones are amazing. This awesomeness is the result of the stone’s ability to protect your positivity and wellness. Here, you’ll get the low-down on some powerful crystals and how they repel negativity.



Technically, this stone is nothing more than ancient petrified wood. But just because this stone is old doesn’t mean it’s powerless. The strongest strength of the crystal is that it has powerful grounding properties. This stone enables its owners to get rid of many bad things. For example, a few of these unwanted things include grudges, disconnected energetic cords, and unhealthy attachments.

Likewise, the stone eases the way relief washes over you. On top of that, it even staves off negative vibes and helps you not harbour negative feelings. That’s why people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other such conditions choose this crystal over others.

Black Tourmaline

The stone has the ability to transform and even cleanse negative vibes. And the best part is that black tourmaline not only repels negativity but also blasts it back to the sender. People admire this crystal to unblock energy and different stagnancies such as stress, anxiety, and fear.

Think of tourmaline as a root or chakra. That’s why you should keep it close to the lower part of your body. This way, your energy will remain grounded. Besides, you can keep this crystal near electronics because they guzzle energy.

Black Onyx

This crystal is dark, smooth, and beautiful. But that’s not the only thing black onyx is famous for. Rather, this crystal protects its owners from black magic, harmful spirits, and psychic attacks. According to theories, this stone helps capture and ground different negative energies.

Think of this crystal as a shield that resonates with third-eye chakras, root, and solar plexus. That’s how black onyx helps ground negative influences, improve intuition capabilities, and boost confidence. Put it near your forehead while you’re meditating for enhancing your experience.


You’ve read about crystals and how they save you from negative influences. But do you know there’s one more thing that’ll help you ward off negativity from your life? It’s your Guardian Angel. See, when you connect with your Angel, you’ll:

• Cleanse the negativity from life
• Improve the quality of life
• Start focusing on the good things
And the list goes on and on.

The question is, How can you find your Guardian Angel?

Crystal Healing
Sculpture of angels in the cemetery. The silent angel

Here’s where we, at, come in. We have a three-step process of helping you identify the Angel of your life and connect with that person. Talk to us now. This way, you’ll discover how we can help you find your Guardian Angel so that you experience positivity and happiness.