A Proven Way of Gaining Spiritual Strength and Financial Riches

  16 April, 2021

Spiritual Strength ,Here’s one question that comes to everyone’s mind—can success bring spiritual fulfilment?

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Let’s answer this by analysing oneness, which is the most important element of enlightenment. Keeping the principle of oneness in mind, success and spiritual fulfilments are one and the same thing; there’s absolutely no duality. Everything will be one even if they appear to be different in energies.

Since everything’s part of that oneness, material success—including getting rich—is its part too. Thinking that material success is different from spiritual fulfilment is nothing more than an illusion. The fact is that you cannot separate kindness, generosity, or spirituality from material success including relationship or money.

Happiness and success are two sides of the same coin

Does success bring a type of happiness in your life? If you answer in a yes, then that happiness won’t be pure. However, when success gives birth to happiness, it’ll lead to bad feelings. For example, if you’re unsuccessful, will you be able to sustain happiness? It’ll be too hard for sure.

True happiness will come when you establish a strong connection with your higher self. This connection will help you manifest your higher self regardless of comfort or discomfort, success or failure. The practice of continually connecting to your higher self will help you create your own version of peace and happiness. That’s when we’ll begin to teach ourselves that happiness should follow success always and not the other way round.

The most ideal situation will be to get connected with your higher self regularly, live your purpose, and get rich. Best of all, use the money to enable others to become happy. You’ll live a blessed life when you spend up to 10 hours a day on your business helping other people solve their problems and overcome their challenges. That should be the true mission in your life.

The bottom line is that when you don’t have to separate your purpose in life from your true mission, you’ve discovered the Holy Grail. Happiness should always lead to success, which will help you make more money. Eventually, use that money to empower others to create happiness for themselves.

Become a kind, genuine, loving, rich person

Being kind, loving, generous, successful, and happy starts with believing in your higher self. You’re a person with heart—that means you have the capacity to be kind, generous, rich, and loving, too. You can start with being a good person in your business.

Besides being a good human being, you can be a generous and kind person as well. You have to love the people with whom you work; these people include your clients, partners, customers, and employees. This way, you’ll be happy which will be followed by success and—of course—money.

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Final thoughts

Eventually, it comes down to your mindset—how you feel about success, happiness, and spirituality. All these concepts are one under the concept of oneness. However, having this mindset to believe in the ultimate reality of oneness will only be cultivated when you connect with your higher self. The moment you start connecting with your higher self consistently, you’ll become a kind, generous, loving, happy, and successful person. And, remember, this time, your happiness will lead to success and not vice versa.