A Handy Guide To Cleansing Your Tarot Cards

  26 September, 2021

Tarot cards make an excellent divination tool. These cards help you make better decisions in life. That’s why we’ve covered extensively about tarot cards because we know they’re important for anyone who’s practising alternative healing or anything like that. But there’s one cardinal rule that you must follow if you’re working with tarot cards. It’s about cleansing your cards.

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Learning the art of cleansing your tarot cards is important whether you’ve got a new deck or an old one. Cleansing the cards is even more important if you’re gifting them to someone. But what’s tarot card cleanings? Why’s it so important? How do you perform cleansing? We’ll answer these questions in this explainer. Consider this guide as an introductory one to everything about cleansing your tarot cards.

What’s Tarot Cards Cleansing And Why Do You Have To It?

The fact is, you should cleanse and activate tarot cards before you use them or before you gift them to anyone. Many people believe that cleansing a deck is similar to a sort of ritual practice that’ll help neutralise the weird energies that it may have picked up as time went by.

As you know, every fingerprint is unique. In the same way, every energy source is unique; it’s got a special frequency. No matter whether the tarot deck is carrying negative energy or positive energy, you must ensure that it’s neutralised all the same. Then only the deck will be able to work as a powerful divination tool; then, only you’ll get accurate guidance from your readings.

Two Ways Of Cleansing A Tarot Deck Like A Boss

Meditate Effectively And Regularly

Meditation is necessary whenever you’re embarking on a spiritual journey. So, when you think of cleansing your cards, you think of a superior spiritual journey. And if you don’t meditate before doing the cleansing activity, then you won’t be able to get good results. Meditation will help you get the wisdom to make sure you cleanse the deck of tarot cards effectively. The process of meditation alone will help you figure out a novel way of neutralising your deck.

Pass Each Card Through Sage’s Smoke

When you want to give your home a purifying cleanse, you’d definitely want to burn sage. Burning sage is similar to washing bed sheets or washing your clothes. If you want to cleanse your deck of tarots, then you may burn sage and pass every card through its smoke. It’s as simple as that. Besides, you must be able to appreciate this cleansing activity. The deal is that if you think this cleansing process is a chore, you won’t be able to get the best results out of it.   

Wrapping It Up

The bottom line is that you must cleanse a tarot deck before gifting it or using it yourself. Purifying your deck will help you get accurate guidance from every reading session. We’ve even dropped two proven tips to help you cleanse your deck. So, follow these tips to the letter. This way, you’ll make sure your deck is as ready for the next reading session as you are.