The Most Common Questions On Guardian Angels Answered

  27 September, 2021

Guardian Angels protect humanity. Like everyone else, you’ll have your Guardian Angel watching over you, guiding you, and helping you make key decisions in life. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to connect with Angels. Still, you may have tons of unanswered questions about your Guardian Angel. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of commonly asked questions about Guardian Angels. Let’s get right into answering them.

guardian angel

Is My Angel A She Or A He?

Angels are spiritual beings who don’t have any gender. That means your Angel is neither a female nor a male. Similar to the Lord Himself, Angels don’t comply with a specific gender. Nonetheless, whenever we see Angels in the Bible and other spiritual scriptures, they’re often described in a masculine form. In these scriptures, you’ll see Angels doing masculine things, including commanding, leading, shepherding, and fighting. That means God wants His angels to be portrayed in a masculine form.

Why Did The Lord Create Angels?

The Lord created Angels because He wanted to share His love with everyone. It’s the same reason why He even created humans. The fact is, the epitome of the Lord is filled with love. The essence of this love is His ability to share good things and diffuse them to the surroundings. You may know that the Lord has so much love inside Him that He wants to share it with everyone. To help Lord do this, He created Angels; this way, He gave a portion of His Love to the Angels so that they could spread it among everyone.

Do People Turn Into Angels When They Die?

Most people believe that once anyone dies and enters inside heaven, they become Angels themselves. But that’s not true. This misconception is the result of some confusion that came from a statement that Christ gave in a scripture. In that statement, the Lord confirmed that everyone would become Angels in their next lives. But that didn’t mean people would become Angels in their afterlife. Instead, this statement conveyed that the people would become “like” angels. That means after their life, people would become Angels who’ll serve, praise, and do the Lord’s bidding once they start residing in heaven.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know three of the most commonly asked questions about Guardian Angels. The idea behind answering these questions is that every answer will put you closer to your Angel. And when you know your Angel or are willing to understand your heavenly friend more closely, you’ll be a step closer to your spiritual revolution. That’s why more and more people want to get closer to their Guardian Angels. So, if you’ve got any questions about your Guardian Angel that you want to ask us, then drop a comment below. We’ll answer your questions.