A Quick Guide For Deepening Your Understanding About Archangel Uriel

  20 October, 2021

Before understanding the role of Archangel Uriel in your life, it is important to know who this Archangel is. The word “Uriel” has its root in Ancient Greek and it means Light of the Lord. To start with, you will have a fixed number of Archangels available in the world of Christianity. According to believers, there are seven Archangels — Uriel, Raphael, Barahiel, Yehudil, Selaphiel, Gabriel and Michael.

Archangel Uriel

Each of these Archangels is different from one another; for example, the purpose of Uriel will be different from Michael’s purpose. Based on their purpose, they occupy a specific place in the Lord’s hierarchy. The strongest Archangel among the seven is none other than Michael. As per different scriptures, Uriel’s stands fourth in the divine hierarchy of Archangels.

So, we know that the meaning of this Archangel’s name and his hierarchical existence as well. Well, then, now is the time to head ahead in this explainer where we will tell you about the responsibility of this Archangel. Then we will also share what you can ask Uriel whenever he visits you. Ready? Let us get started now.

The Roles Of Archangel Uriel

There are many facts about this specific Archangel. But, here, we will share some of the top ones.

  • This Archangel is in sync with the Lord’s divine judgement.
  • Because Uriel is in alliance with God, he serves and nurtures creative inspirations.

Besides these two roles, Uriel helps unlock your spiritual self as well. Being one of the key archangels in Christianity and Judaism, Archangel Uriel is symbolised with the colour red. This Archangel has fire in his hands. Here’s an interesting piece of trivia about Uriel: In most of his images, the artists portray this Archangel as a female and a male.

Now that you know a thing or two about this Archangel, let us have a look at what you can ask whenever he visits you.

What Should You Ask Archangel Uriel?

The best part is that anyone who believes in the limitless power of the Lord stands eligible to ask for Uriel’s help and protection. At the same time, it is significant to remember that this Archangel will extend a helping hand to anyone who is struggling.

This Archangel represents the epitome of education. That is why many people who are devoted to continual learning must seek the assistance of Uriel. Most students, teachers and even researchers do not fail to ask for Archangel Uriel’s help. People can get the assistance of this particular Archangel whenever they earnestly pray to him.

Final Thoughts

Now, you definitely know what Uriel stands for and what is this Archangel’s chief areas of responsibilities. You even know that this Archangel will visit you only if you believe in the divine power of God. That is why it is important for you to get the blessings of the Lord and believe in His vision. So, become a true believer in the power of the Lord and receive the protection from Uriel, other Archangels and your Guardian Angel.