Do We Really Have Our Own Guardian Angel?

  19 October, 2021

The answer to the titular question is a firm yes. Everyone has a Guardian Angel. Your mom, dad, siblings, friends, and even enemies have Guardian Angels. We have written at length about Guardian Angels and their purpose. But do you know that your belief is the only way for you to maximise the protection of your Angel? If you do not have faith in your angelic friend, you will never tap into his full potential.

In this explainer, we will help you understand why you and everyone else have Guardian Angels. However, first, let us address the angelic elephant in the room: Who is a Guardian Angel?

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

The Bible carries the phrase “Guardian Angels” quite many times. On most occasions, the Holy Book refers to Angels who are keeping watch over humans. Through this observant behaviour, Angels protect and guide humans so that they can lead their mortal life with spiritual fulfilment.

That is why it is essential to have faith in your Guardian Angel. If you trust your angelic friend with complete confidence, you will be able to receive his protection and guidance with a heart filled with gratitude.

What Is The Bible Saying About Guardian Angels?

You Do Not Have To Worship Angels

Let us set the record straight once in for all. The Bible states that Angels are God’s manifestation, but you do not have to seek your Angel’s blessings. Instead, your Angel will help you understand the Lord’s divine wisdom and seek His blessings. Your Guardian Angel will never try to fill the Lord’s position in your life — he will never be able to do it. Instead, in Psalm 34:1, David has written how he always views Angels having Lord’s praise on His lips.

People Rarely See Angels

In Hebrews 13:2, it is mentioned that we must always show hospitality to the strangers because of the fact that they could also be our Angels. So, it is important to be nice to everyone because you never know when you will encounter your Guardian Angel. And it is a very interesting thought. Maybe you have met your Guardian Angel somewhere in the thick of your life, and you may not have known at that time. That is why it is essential to always treat everyone, including complete strangers, with respect.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know a thing or two about your Guardian Angel. The bottom line is to always believe in the limitless and divine power of your angelic friend. That is how you will be able to receive his divine protection and the Lord’s messages as well. Most people discount the possibility of Guardian Angels being there in their lives. That is not the correct way of connecting with the Lord, however. Instead, you must march ahead in your life with wholehearted conviction that your angelic friends are always there by your side. They are always there to protect you, guide you and accelerate the pace of your spiritual transformation.