Know The Importance Of Angel Azrael In Your Life

  17 June, 2022

Despite being a lesser-known angel, Azrael is a heavenly Archangel. He is similar to Gabriel and Samael, but he wields terrifying power. God commands the Angel of destruction, Azrael, to destroy and regenerate all life.

Angel Azrael

Angel Azrael is described as the being of light. However, Azrael has a horrifying dark side. Like the fallen Angel Abaddon, Azrael has to carry out God’s will. So, whether collecting the departed’s souls or punishing sinners, this Archangel does chaotic work. Nonetheless, Azrael prioritizes his devotion to God regardless of the chaos he may cause.

Who Is Angel Azrael?

Azrael is an Angel of destruction, but he also goes by other names too. These include “the Lord’s Angel”, “the Messenger of Death”, and “the Destroyer”. In some of these cases, it is unclear whether the title is a specific name for the Angel or a generic term for several angels. According to Hebrew tradition, the name Azrael means “whom God helps”, referring to him as a direct servant of God who carries out his bidding.

What Does He Do?

Angel Azrael assists those who are transitioning from the physical realm to the spirit world. In addition to those who are grieving. Azrael is responsible for helping the departing soul detach from the physical body. Moreover, the Archangel even helps the departed soul enter into the next phase of life. This Archangel consoles the dead and guides them through the seven heavenly halls. The deceased’s journey through these seven planetary spheres allows them to reflect on their life. Souls going through this process have the opportunity to reflect on their actions while they were alive. Moreover, Azrael heals the wounds of the dead and prepares them for the next chapter in their journey.

Archangel Azrael And The Journey Through Grief

Here is one of the most challenging and frightening experiences in dealing with grief. The bereaving person has to go through the loss of a loved one. And, at times, the mountain of grief is so colossal that scaling it appears to be too difficult—if not impossible. 

You cry because you refuse to accept the change. You become so emotionally attached to people and things that you cannot let them go. And when someone is grieving, even minor changes seem to be so challenging. When you lose something or someone, you do not want to acknowledge that the person or thing is no longer present in your daily life. This feeling of living in ignorance causes grief and weighs heavily on your heart.

The Bottom Line

Angel Azrael has worked chiefly with souls transitioning from the physical world to the spiritual dimension. Not just that, this Archangel even unlocks the doors to universal healing, comfort, and love for those who have lost someone close to them.

Angel Azrael exudes wisdom and empathy, advising people on dealing with the soul’s departure. He works to absorb all pain to lighten the hearts of those bereaved. Moreover, he shares his wisdom to show them how to accept their new reality.

So, keep praying to this Archangel with all your might. Like everyone else, you will need his guidance.